August 1, 2021

Jackson, Caldwell, and Isenhower Confirm Re-Election Campaigns

The three incumbent Heard County Commissioners who will be up for re-election this year all confirmed to the Heard Citizen today that they intend to seek re-election to their current respective positions in 2012.

June Jackson is the current Commission Chairperson, Karen Isenhower is the current commissioner of District #1 (Eastern Heard/Corinth area), and Gwen Caldwell is the current commissioner of District #3 (Ephesus/northwestern Heard area).

A large turn-out of voters will be expected as these elections coincide with the 2012 United States Presidential election.

Commissioners Sandi Allen (District #5), Frank Crook (District #4), and Jacob Cammon (District #2) were all elected during the last major election cycle in 2010.

Stay tuned to during 2012 as we bring you complete coverage of the qualifying, campaigns, and elections in Heard County.


  1. wanda morris says

    June is my dear friend , went to school with her and boy did we have fun in high school!! I could blackmail you girl. lol lol, And Gwen is another dear friend from the old days. Good luck to them and God bless

  2. Anybody going to run against these candidates? If you are let it be known. We do not need to go on just assuming that someone is going to and later on find out they are running unopposed.

  3. Guy Spradlin says

    His name is Guy Spradlin and no he will not run against any of these candidates but what about the Sheriff? Let him know what you think or should the Sheriff go unopposed?

    • Good question. I believe Sheriff is considered a nonpartisan position, which usually means nobody has an issue with the position as long as the person holding it is not doing something crazy. I am always open to change personally. Tell us more about yourself.

  4. fireman141 says

    I think Guy Spradlin would be a good candidate for Sheriff.I know his work and he is a fair man that would make a good Sheriff,for the citizen of Heard well as look out for the ones that work for the Sheriff’s dept. Not saying that Ross is not but i’m one that is always open for change.

  5. The only nonpartisan positions are the Probate Judge and BOE positions, everyone else has to run by party usually Republican or Democrat.

  6. In 2008 it was Larry Pike vs June Jackson in the general election. Did they have any challengers in the primary election or was Mr. Pike the only person to run?

  7. Guy Spradlin says

    I can gather that Jackson ran under the Democratic Party, what about Isenhower and Caldwell did they run under the Republican or Democratic Party?

  8. Thanks for the info Russ! I believe Mr. Pike only lost by a couple of dozen votes. I wonder if he is going to run again? Was the Jackson vs Adams primary a blowout or was it close?

  9. Russ Massa says

    Jackson defeated Adams 817-609 in the primary and she defeated Pike 2092-2004 in the general election.

  10. I guess I will take a line from the Republican Party “anybody but June”.

  11. I thought that was the feeling back in 2008…

  12. Larry Hooks was one of the best commissioners we have had and I am glad he is running this year ! If you care about electing the best officials for the job Larry Hooks cares about his community and has made real change when he was in office. I have no idea how he did not get re elected. But as long as he is running i am voting for Larry! For the People!

  13. We need accountable leaders-not ones who just want their picture in the paper-Isenhoer wanted everyone to vote against the SPLOST even voted against it herself in a meeting and then had her picture made with an ambulance paid for by the very program she voted against! We need honest leaders not two faced ones only interested in 15 minutes of fame in the newspaper!

    • Becky,you speak of accountable i believe i would check my spelling on Isenhower and be accountable.

      • This person has refused support a program that is vital to our community. It has supplied emergency service equipment, facilities, paved roads, and recreational areas. She has made unfounded accusations and outrighted lied embrassing residents of this county. And all you have to say is I spelled her name wrong? I’m gonna wrote her directly on that one- my mind just moves faster than my fingers can type!

  14. I think all the commissioners are forced to do a group photo for things like that regardless of how they vote. Mr Crook would make it seem that way anyway. Ever notice how he is in meetings and in photos? He has the demeanor of somebody that is like why am I here? Why am I wasting my time? Is it just me or does anybody else see that?

  15. Accountable.I agree on each member of the BOC should know what is being discussed instead of sitting there and on several occassions saying I don’t know what we are voting on and someone had to tell him what the motion and second was.The truth should be stated from the BOC when in meetings instead playing politics. It looks and appears 3 out of the 5 has already had the meeting before it starts.

    • I just read your comment about the BOC meeting and I do agree with you on the way things are voted on during the meetings. I have to say there is some kind of agreement made before the meeting begin and three of them is being pimped like the best prositutes at the mustang ranch.

  16. June is a Democrat leader. Allen, Crook and Caldwell are the Democrat followers. 3-2 is a majority every time in a vote. It blows my mind that this being such a conservative values county with an overwhelming majority Republican base how do we have 4 Democrats out of the 6 in the commission? The 2012 vote is very big this year. We can make a lot of changes if we want to. The question is do you want what we have going on now to continue? Your vote will say what you want.

    • What meetings are you referring to? In the December 29th official minutes posted on this website, there were several decisions made unanimously. “3-2 majority every time” is not an accurate or true statement. Go to the County’s website and read the meeting results for previous meetings for yourself. I urge all voters, citizens, and interested parties to do your own research and not rely on others OPINIONS that are often presented as FACT.
      Political parties mean little in local elections. Vote for the PERSON and not the PARTY. That’s my opinion.
      FYI-Historically, Heard has always voted predominately Democratic up until the last Presidential election.

      • You misread my post. I said 3-2 is a majority every time in a vote. That is a fact. I did not say 3-2 was always the result of the vote. If the commissioners vote along party lines they will always have the majority to pass anything. That is why I was asking why a conservative county like ours has 4 Democrats out of the 6 commissioners? I agree with you when parties mean little in local elections. Mainly because it is not what you stand for, but who you know in local elections. I believe in voting for the person not the party as well. I still think in my opinion that a person should be under the party they have their beliefs in though. By the way since 1976 and 1980 when Carter ran for president the only time a Democrat president won the majority of the vote in Heard County was in 1992 and 1996 when Clinton ran.

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