November 27, 2020

Late-night Break in Fire Safety System Forces Delay of Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton’s Open House

At approximately 9 p.m. Thursday evening, Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton’s new emergency department expansion experienced a failure of the fire suppression line, causing the release of large quantities of water, covering the entire first floor in about two inches. Fire alarm systems were automatically activated and the Carrollton Fire Department responded within minutes.

Tanner employees from literally all parts of the organization worked side-by-side with fire department officials into the night to clear the area of water and debris, removing furniture, artwork and clinical equipment from harm’s way.

The water involved in the failure was fresh water from the city’s water system. Anything that was damaged will be removed and replaced.

“While we believe this accident has not caused any serious damage to our new hospital areas, it is in the best interest and safety of our community members to postpone our Saturday open house until we are able to more thoroughly restore the area to its original condition,” said Loy Howard, president and CEO of Tanner Health System.

 “Over the next few weeks, the damage will be evaluated to determine the amount of restoration needed. Tanner officials will work closely with contractors to ensure that all areas are back to the original, state-of-the-art condition that our patients deserve.”

Tanner officials will make a decision on a new open house date within the coming weeks.

“We take great pride in our facilities, and we want to ensure that visitors and patients receive the exceptional experience they’ve come to expect from Tanner,” said Howard.

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