December 10, 2018

Local man arrested on rape and burglary charges

(Franklin) — A local man is facing serious charges after a woman was attacked and sexually assaulted in Franklin late Saturday evening.

39-year-old Kelcey Jermaine Moreland was taken into custody by authorities Sunday afternoon after an interview by the Franklin Police Department.

According to a report issued by Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, Moreland allegedly entered the residence of an adult Franklin female through a window late Saturday evening and then proceeded to kill the main power breaker to the house before attacking the woman who was at home alone in her bedroom.

Kelcey Jermaine Moreland

Kelcey Jermaine Moreland

The suspect also allegedly took the woman’s phone so that she was unable to call for help.

After the attack, the woman fled the scene and ran to a nearby neighbor’s house to call for help.

Hannah was unable to comment further on the specifics of the case citing an ongoing investigation.

Moreland, a resident of Franklin, is charged with Rape, Sexual Battery, Burglary, and Theft By Taking.

No bond has been issued at this time as the case must first come before a Superior Court Judge on February 10, 2014.

If convicted of the Rape charge, Moreland could face life in prison or the death penalty with a minimum sentence of 25 years. Stay tuned to for further details as they become available.


  1. Barbara F. White says:

    The Bible say that anyone who enter in through another way except the door, is a robber and a thief.And we know that a robber and a thief are among those who will have their day in the lake of fire burning with fire and brimstone.This man will stand his test in Judgement one of these days,so i say to the family of and to the victim “Pray for this man and leave him in the hands of the Just,Wise,and all knoweth God to whom vengenance belongs.

  2. He went almost 40 years without needing to do this. What changed?

  3. He went to school with my children he was always such a good child

  4. Jennifer whoric says:

    Wow …Wtf

  5. Sebrina Daniel says:

    Wow… What’s wrong with people? Dear lord….. Prayers going out for the victim.

  6. he dont seem like the type I went to school with him and always see him on facebook and it don’t seem like it was him but I guess everyone has a ghost in them

  7. This doesn’t surprise me. I caught him trying to talk to my 15 yr old cousin though facebook about 2 yrs ago. I called him out and he had a bogus excuse..

  8. There has to be more to this story… I just can’t see him doing such a thing.

    • Just because you cant see him “doing such a thing” doesnt mean he didnt. Cutting the main power, holding her captive…brutal…one just doesnt do this for the first time at age forty. Just the first time they are caught.

  9. This guy has been my close friend for many years it just don’t seem like he would do this there has too be another side too the story

  10. This does not surprise me! Every time I played softball against him he would always get mad and cuss people out for no reason! His behavior finally caught up to him. If this story is true he should go to prison for life!

  11. Dan kimble says:

    He needs death penalt

  12. why no follow up him? is he still in jail or scot free, get us some information on him!!!!

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