January 23, 2022

Local man incarcerated after trying to kill his mother

(Franklin, GA) — A Franklin man is currently behind bars at the Heard County jail and facing numerous charges after he allegedly tried to kill his elderly mother by choking her.

48-year-old Teddy Lamar Bales, Sr. is charged with Aggravated Assault, Cruelty to Children (3 cts), Terror Threat and Acts (4 cts), Simple Assault (3 cts), Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Violation of Parole.

According to a press release issued by Chief Kevin Hannah, the Franklin Police Department was dispatched to 30 South River Road on April 18 after Heard County 911 received a call from a witness stating that a physical altercation was in progress.

While en route to the location, Officer Gary Morgan was updated that the male offender involved in the altercation was choking an elderly victim.

Shortly after receiving the dispatched call for assistance, Officer Morgan arrived on scene and made contact with three juveniles outside the residence, who stated that the altercation was still taking place inside.

Teddy Lamar Bales, Sr.

Teddy Lamar Bales, Sr.

As Officer Morgan entered the residence, he reported that screaming was heard from a bedroom. Upon entering the bedroom, he observed Teddy Bales on top of his elderly mother with both hands around her neck and choking her.

Officer Morgan reported that the he also heard the offender repeatedly stating that he would kill her. Verbal commands were provided to no avail, resulting in Officer Morgan first attempting to physically remove the offender from the victim.

At that time Teddy Bales reportedly turned his attention to Officer Morgan in a combative manner, resulting in Officer Morgan deploying his electronic control device, as the offender charged toward him. After a brief struggle, Teddy Bales was handcuffed, but continued to resist arrest.

Upon the arrival of Deputy William Hannah of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department, the two law enforcement officers were able to gain control of Teddy Bales and place him in a patrol vehicle, as he continued to resist.

Officer Morgan then requested that Heard County Emergency Services respond to their location, after the victim reported injuries to her neck and arm, which were visible to the officer.

The victim of the attack told the officers that her son was extremely intoxicated and a verbal argument took place, at which time he allegedly became enraged and attempted to kill her.

After being evaluated by emergency medical personnel, the victim advised that she did not want to be transported to the hospital.

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  1. red montgomery says

    At first I thought, why did the officer not just kill that man. Then I realized that the electronic control device was in THE OFFICERS BEST INTEREST! HEARD COUNTY DOES HAVE THE BEST POLICE, FIRE AND EMS crew in Georgia!

    • Yeah Red it’s just sad to see elderly people being abused by idiots like this guy. I hope he has to share a cell with a big bubba type that makes him wash his underwear.

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