October 24, 2021

Local police issue warning about Fake Money

(Franklin, GA) — The Franklin Police Department and Heard County Sheriff’s Office are urging businesses and citizens to closely inspect all money during an exchange to ensure that it is authentic.

“Our first encounter involving an actual transaction took place at a local business last November during an exchange and the employees did not immediately detect it. An investigation into the matter resulted in criminal charges being filed in the case,” Chief Kevin Hannah of the Franklin Police Department states.

“Earlier this week, law enforcement officers were alerted of more fake money being circulated within the community and took possession of four one-hundred-dollar bills that were not authentic.”

Although the fake money is clearly marked, it may not be immediately obvious when an exchange is taking place unless closely inspected.

“In many situations, you can easily avoid becoming a victim by conducting a visual inspection of the U.S. Currency, especially since newer bills have more safety features embedded than ever before. To enhance the knowledge you have regarding your hard-earned money, we ask that you take the time to visit the U.S. Currency Education Program or contact your local law enforcement agency,” says Sheriff Ross Henry of the Heard County Sheriff’s Office.

This bill discovered this week is identical to fake bills that were being passed in November of 2017 (Photo: FPD)

One of the fake bills discovered this week in the Franklin Area

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