December 5, 2020

Major rain event could jeopardize Saturday fireworks

(Franklin, GA) — Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah stated Tuesday evening that this Saturday’s fireworks show (already rescheduled from Thursday, July 4) could still be in jeopardy depending on the amount of rainfall that takes place during the next few days.

According to Chief Hannah, also a member of the Chattahoochee Independence Day planning committee, if the rains are significant enough in North Georgia this week to cause flooding of the Old Recreation Department area, the fireworks would have to be postponed once again.

“Our fireworks permit only allows us to shoot the fireworks from one designated area down by the river. In the event that area floods on Saturday, the fireworks show would once again have to be postponed,” said Chief Hannah.

With the postponing of several other area fireworks shows, Franklin could host an extra-large crowd on Saturday if weather permits.

It has already been confirmed today that the Villa Rica show has moved to August 30 and the Newnan show has moved to July 13. The Carrollton show will be moved to July 13.

Saturday's rescheduled fireworks show could be cancelled if the Old Recreation Department floods as shown here on May 6, 2013.

Saturday’s rescheduled fireworks show could be cancelled if the Old Recreation Department floods as shown here on May 6, 2013.

While difficult to pinpoint exact rainfall amounts, current weather models predict anywhere from 2-8 inches are a possibility between Wednesday and Friday.

The Old Recreation area is often prone to flooding including most recently in early May of this year.

Chief Hannah said that the committee had to make a very difficult decision this morning to postpone Thursday’s originally planned event.

“A lot of behind the scenes planning goes into our biggest event of the year and postponing it was not an easy decision,”said Chief Hannah. “There were many factors that had to be weighed including first and foremost public safety in the event of severe weather.”

Hannah also added that vendors spend a lot of time and money to prepare food and other items for the festival on the square, so making sure the event could happen at all was important from an economic standpoint for the many vendors some who travel from relatively far away. He also added that extra security must be paid whether or not the event were to be cut short, so that was another factor considered.

Stay tuned to for further updates on Saturday’s planned Chattahoochee Independence Day Celebration now set to kick off on the square at 4:00 p.m.

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