October 22, 2021

Man in custody after police chase ends in fiery crash

(Franklin, GA) — A local man is facing several charges tonight after leading Franklin police on a pursuit in a stolen vehicle that ended in a fiery crash Wednesday afternoon.

According to a report by Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, despite the intense high-speed chase and crash, no one was seriously injured.

34-year-old Ricky Shane Goddard led Officer Gary Morgan on the chase that began in Franklin and ended on HWY 34 East near the intersection of Lane Road.

Ricky Shane Goddard (2012 Mugshot)

Ricky Shane Goddard (2012 Mugshot)

Goddard crashed his vehicle and fled on foot before being taken into custody by Cpl. Will Hannah of the Heard County Sheriff’s Office.

The black in color automobile (later determined to be stolen) subsequently became engulfed in flames and was a total loss.

The suspect also clipped another vehicle driven by an unidentified elderly man. The elderly man was taken to a local hospital as a precaution and is not believed to be seriously injured.

Several local residents reported seeing the high-speed pursuit which began in Franklin at around 5:15 p.m.

Goddard has spent several years in prison. He was most recently arrested locally along with three other people in September of 2012. He was charged with Sale of Methamphetamine, Possession of Meth with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon in September of 2012.

No other information is available at this time and the investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned to HeardCitizen.com for further information as it becomes available.


  1. U all need to quit posting about people past what happened today was today and what happened in 2012 was his business noone else’s. Quit making people seem worse than they really are. If the car was stolen make sure u have 100% proof before accusing or u can be sued for falsely accusing someone without evidence to prove ur claim and telling of the person’s past. Would u want ur past to be spilled out over the internet? If not leave others past alone u pathetic a**holes

    • Shut up. Hes a doper and that’s that. His past record is PUBLIC record. He shouldn’t be doing dope and running from the police.

      • I agree. I don’t believe this article tells anything that we couldn’t have looked up on our own. If he doesn’t want to be talked of this way, he should start making the right decisions in his life. Someone could have been seriously hurt. I’m glad that we have these articles to warn us and others about who is out there.

    • What happened in 2012 and 2016 is everybody’s business, since he was BREAKING THE LAW. Don’t want people to know what an ignorant jerk you are? Then don’t do stupid things IN PUBLIC and don’t BREAK LAWS. If you can’t understand that, you’re the pathetic a**hole.

    • He needs GOD!

    • He’s an f…ing snitch anyways and u don’t know wtf ur talking bout I’ve known that pos for a long time…glad they got the b*st*#d

  2. Becky Mooney says

    I was in the middle of this! This guy was driving like he was crazy , he come in feet of hitting me head on! God was with me!!

  3. My wife Becky was Traumatized due to this accident. She was almost hit head on before the crash. Looking in the rearview mirror seeing the
    fiery crash knowing her life could have been taking. Came in from work screaming thanking God for taking that guys wheel just 5 feet from hitting he
    r head on at 90 miles an hour. People WAKE UP! You can’t run from the Law! Why take chances loosing yours and everyones

  4. Tim Massa says

    Colton Mackinze, apparently you do not understand the concept of the news industry. You see when an event takes place, such as this one. The authorities will release a statement on the events that took place on the event in question. if that event was one in which an item, let’s say such as a car was taken without the permission of the owner. this will be so stated in the report. Also, in the statement in this report the authorities clearly say “stolen”. Also, the authorities will give a back story if the event being shared could have resulted in innocent citizen’s being injured. Also, stated in the report about the elderly gentleman who was taken to a hospital and checked out. So the paper here did not accuse anyone of anything but shared a report to the citizen’s of the county in which the paper is shared. On a more personal note the editor of this paper is of the utmost good character. Seeing also that the editor is a family member of mine I don’t appreciate your language at the end. But, clearly the editor’s good character and reporting still show with your comments. If it were not a fair reporting local online paper your comments would not have been shared. Other paper’s would just have hit delete on your comment. But, “NO” The Heard Citizen shared them for all to see. Signed Tim Massa.

  5. The past may be the past, but he is the one who is continuing to break the law. I am happy that they reported this. The guy should just be happy that it was the police that caught him and not the person who’s car was stolen.

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