May 22, 2018

No ATV Park for Heard County

(Atlanta, GA) — In a press release issued by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources today, the State of Georgia indicated it will no longer pursue the proposed ATV park at the Bush Head Shoals site near the Chattahoochee River just east of Franklin.

The state-owned tract consists of 700 acres and the state was eligible to receive $1.1 million in funding through a Recreational Trails Grant to pay for the construction of the trail system.

Many neighbors of the property as well as other county officials had expressed numerous concerns about the proposed project in a public meeting on May 16 culminating in the Heard County Board of Commissioners voting last Tuesday night to ask the state to withdraw the plans for the proposed park.

The proposed park received very little public support from the local community from the start.

The DNR stated in the press release they hope to find funding for a more suitable project on the land in the future.

“The Department has determined that due to constraints on the ability to expand the trail system, preliminary environmental and cultural resource surveys, and public comment, that the Department will withdraw its grant application at this point in time,” said the DNR in the press release.

“The Department received public comment stating the property would be better utilized for other purposes and looks forward to working with Heard County to find the best use for this land when funding becomes available.”


  1. yoi didn’t want the park, then don’t complain about the noise they make riding up and down the road. You live in the country where most people own an Atv but you don’t want them to have a place to enjoy it??? What do you propose they put on the flood plain, a campground???

  2. Tesia McCormick says:

    I am not surprised !!!! I however, thought it was a GREAT IDEA !!! To many deer hunters got upset about it ! Might have run some deer away. Sad, Just Sad !!!

  3. What a shocker… another great idea turned down by residents. That never happens.

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