September 25, 2018

Putzek retains seat, Alcohol referendum passes

(Franklin, GA) — Residents and visitors to the City of Franklin soon will be able to order a margarita or cocktail with their meals thanks to the results of Tuesday’s election.

The alcohol referendum passed by a result of 63-52, and will allow the city to begin issuing licenses to sell distilled spirits for beverage purposes by the drink for consumption on the premises at local restaurants.

The result was a substantial turnaround from a May of 2014 vote where the same measure was rejected 65-29.

“We were looking at losing one of our restaurants if it didn’t pass so they are really happy about it which is big for them and it’s also big for the city because it gives other restaurant businesses the incentives to come here,” said Mayor Joel Rogers after the results came in. “As far as my personal feelings I could go either way but the city needs revenue and we need the businesses coming in here.”

The Mayor is unsure on the exact time frame before restaurants can actually procure the license or how much the fees will be, but says he expect it to happen soon.

“I will contact our attorney tomorrow morning and we will get everything straight so we can get it rolling,” said Mayor Rogers. “We will get this started as soon as we legally can.”

Loco Mex in downtown Franklin is one of only a few dining establishments currently serving beer and could likely be the first to obtain the new alcohol by the drink license.

The owner of Loco Mex, Federico Gimenez, addressed the citizens in a Letter to the Editor to last week.

“While we have mutually enjoyed a great atmosphere providing great food at great price, it is our intent to grow the business by adding an additional revenue stream through the sale of alcohol, which we believe will be as equally beneficial to us as the owners, our staff, and the community we serve,” said Gimenez in the letter.

Post 1 Councilmember Cindy Putzek

In the city council elections, incumbent Post 1 councilmember Cindy Putzek retained her seat by a vote of 66-37 over newcomer Alan Slaughenhaupt.

Putzek was pleased with the result and thankful to the voters.

“I’m very thankful and glad I’m going to be able to be a part of the same team that’s been here for a while and also to be able to put the things we have started into motion and to continue the progress we have started,” said Putzek Tuesday night.

“I think Alan is a great guy and I appreciate him. I know that we both had the same goal and I just hope that we will be able to work together in the future.”

Mayor Rogers (80 votes), councilman Cliff Jiles (83 votes), councilman Bo Almond (88 votes), councilman Kevin Hayes (85 votes), and councilwoman Alane Bradfield (82 votes) each ran unopposed meaning the current council will likely remain intact for the next four years.


  1. Franklin Bell says:

    Franklin was scared of losing their 1 restaurant so they passed this ridiculous law!

  2. Hopefully now there is potential for other restaurants to look at locating in Franklin. We need the revenue!

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