December 5, 2020

Roanoke man in custody after manhunt

(Franklin) — An Alabama man is in custody at the Heard County jail this afternoon after he was tracked down in a wooded area just north of Franklin this morning by a Bremen Police Department K-9 unit.

Henry Clay Allen, 25, of Roanoke, AL is charged with Criminal Trespassing after he tried to enter a home this morning.

According to Tim Massa of 4420 Franklin Parkway, he heard some strange noises at his front door this morning around 8:45 a.m. and when he opened the door he found Allen trying to use a key that was hanging from his neck to enter his home. Massa said the man was acting very strange so he told him to leave his property immediately.

The man left two mismatched shoes on Massa’s front porch and a Harley Davidson motorcycle in his front yard as he set off across the street to Pat Prince’s home where he asked to use the phone claiming his motorcycle had run out of gas. Prince also stated the man was acting suspiciously and “looked to be on drugs or as if something was wrong with him.”

Massa was concerned about his neighbor so he followed Allen over to Prince’s home and asked him to leave her property as well. Massa continued to follow the man northbound on Franklin Parkway until he entered a wooded area.

Henry Clay Allen just after being located by the authorities

Henry Clay Allen just after being located by the authorities

“I would have been glad to help the man if he just needed gas and had knocked on my door, but you just don’t try to enter someone’s home like he did,” said Massa. “I couldn’t be sure what he was planning to do.”

Another neighbor, Amber Bedley, called the police when she saw what was going on and she told police the man had actually been to her front door first this morning. “The man was just not ok,” said Bedley. “He was acting very confused and seemed very jittery.”

Lieutenant Melinda Davis of the HC Sheriff’s Office led the search for the man aided by several Heard County deputies and Franklin Police Officers.

The search did not take long once Bremen K-9 Officer Joseph Alexander and his police dog Kasey arrived. Kasey arrived on the scene at 11:07 a.m. and the suspect was located in a wooded area just off of Franklin Parkway in just 25 minutes.

Alexander, Kasey, and Deputy Derrill Scott found the man wearing cut-off jeans, barefoot, and with no shirt, although residents reported he had on full length jeans and a grey t-shirt when he had been at their homes earlier.

When he was found, Allen told authorities he was “running for his life” afraid that Massa was going to hurt him. Allen appeared to have only minor injuries including cuts and scratches from running through the woods.

“I was just really worried about all of my neighbors,” said Massa. “This man was acting very strangely and a few of my neighbors are elderly ladies that live alone. I just wanted to make sure they weren’t hurt. I really want to thank the authorities for the quick response this morning, they all did a fantastic job in tracking this guy down.”

Lieutenant Davis stated the investigation is still ongoing as they try to confirm the owner of the motorcycle which was impounded.

“I want to thank K-9 Officer Joseph Alexander and the Bremen Police Department for their quick response and assistance today,” said Davis. “I especially want to thank Kasey, the K-9 dog, for his fine work in locating the suspect so quickly.”  Kasey picked up Allen’s scent from the shoes left on Massa’s porch.

Stay tuned to for any further updates on this story.

K-9 Officer Joseph Alexander and Kasey of the Bremen Police Department

K-9 Officer Joseph Alexander and Kasey of the Bremen Police Department just after Kasey located Allen in the woods


  1. The man just wanted some gas. The guy heard strange noises dont you think that was him knocking on the door? So the guy chases him across the street i would run too

  2. Tim Massa says

    John the guy did not knock and was bent over trying to pick my lock with a key around his neck. I would have gladly given him some gas as I have before for others. Also my neighbors are ederly and I did not want someone who was clearly messed up on something bothering them.

    • Donald parrott says

      You done good Tim I would’ve done the same thing if I was in sure shoes. Very good job Tim wtg looking out for them ladies. Great man tight there.

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