July 24, 2021

Several People Charged as Law Enforcement Agencies Converge on Rutledge Cafe

Law enforcement officers from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Drug Task Force, Franklin Police Department, and Heard County Sheriff’s Department, convened on Friday, September 30th to address concerns of drug distribution and illegal sales of alcoholic beverages at Rutledge Café, located at 130 Mary Johnson Drive.

The thirteen member team of law enforcement officers arrived at the establishment just after 11:00pm, where they encountered a large amount of individuals, most of who were in the parking lot area.

As officers exited their vehicles, numerous individuals were allegedly observed disposing of alcoholic beverages, while another individual fled the area on foot.

After a short chase, that individual was captured by officers who were staged at several locations in preparation for such an encounter. Officers reportedly discovered that the individual was in possession of several pieces of crack cocaine that was packaged for distribution.

Other members of the team addressed issues regarding the sale and possession of beer and liquor. Several large bottles of liquor and containers of beer were taken as evidence, after they were discovered in the kitchen area of the restaurant.

Countless empty containers of beer were located inside and outside of the establishment and were photographed for evidence.

The City of Franklin Code of Ordinances prohibits the sale of beer and liquor for the purpose of consumption at any business or on public property within the municipality.

Purchasing of beer in sealed packaging is allowed only when a business is granted an annual license by the City of Franklin. The Rutledge Café does not have a license or valid tax identification number for the purpose of selling any type of alcoholic beverage.

Curtis Lorenzo Drummond was charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute.

According to Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah several other individuals were charged with Drinking in Public and another was charged with Sale of Alcoholic Beverages without a License. These included the following:

*Cleveland Rutledge Jr. – Sale of Alcoholic Beverages without a License

*Bonzy Almond – Drinking in Public

*Kelvin Nelson – Drinking in Public

Curtis Drummond Charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute

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