July 24, 2021

Two suspects in custody, one at large after stolen truck is recovered

At 6:19 a.m. on 01/30/2012, Heard County deputies Danny Davis and Derrill Scott were requested to check a residence located at 15736 Highway 27 for a suspicious truck backed up to the residence. Capt. Jane Olinger had received a phone call from the homeowner.

The homeowner advised that they had received a phone call that a u-haul type truck was backed up to the residence.

Deputies Scott and Davis immediately responded to the scene and did locate a white, box style truck parked at the residence. Upon approaching the truck, deputies did make contact with a male subject, identified as Daniel Lamar Browning, sitting inside the vehicle.

As deputy Scott walked to the rear of the truck, two other suspects fled on foot into a wooded area behind the house. Mr. Browning was at this time taken into custody.

Deputies did meet with the homeowner and found that entry had not been made into the residence. Deputies did find where the subjects had cut a water hose and were attempting to take diesel fuel from a tractor and bulldozer located on the property.

At this time, deputies contacted investigator Ken Hester and requested he meet with them. Upon further investigation into the incident, it was discovered that the truck, a 1994 Ford super duty box truck had been stolen from Ryder truck rentals in Lagrange, Ga sometime after 4:00 a.m. This same date.

During the investigation, officers spoke with local residents and business owners and advised them to contact 911 if they saw any suspicious persons in the area.

At approximately 10:00 a.M., a local business owner contacted 911 and deputies were dispatched back to the area on a report of a suspicious white male walking along side highway 27. This male matched the description of one of the subjects that had fled the scene earlier this morning. Deputies did locate and arrest, Dustin Scott Parrott.

The following two suspects were arrested and charged as stated:

(L-R) Daniel Lamar Browning and Dustin Scott Parrott

Daniel Lamar Browning, 23, of 2525 Bartley Road, Lagrange, Ga, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and theft by receiving stolen property. Dustin Scott Parrott, 20, of 16 Lullwater Court, Sharpsburg, Ga, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and theft by receiving stolen property.

Both subjects are currently being held in the Heard county jail.

The third suspect has been identified as Justin Eugene Hill, 26, of 114 South 12th Street, Lanette, Alabama. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr. Hill, are asked to contact investigator Ken Hester with the Heard County sheriff’s office.

“With the attentiveness of a local citizen, Heard County deputies were able to deter what could have possibly turned into the burglary of a family’s home. A burglary is not only the loss of property, but can cause a loss of security felt by the homeowners. I am proud of the job my officers did in the investigation of this incident. I‘d like to think they stopped at least one burglary and did recover a stolen truck along with other possible stolen items,” stated Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry. “This goes to prove that by working together, citizens and law enforcement officers can make a difference,” added Sheriff Henry.


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