September 16, 2021

Turkey hunters discover dead body

(Franklin, GA) — Authorities with the Heard County Sheriff’s Department and the GBI are investigating a body discovered in southern Heard County over the weekend.

According to Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry, the unidentified body of a white male was found by turkey hunters around 6:30 AM Saturday morning just off of Edwards Road.

Coincidentally, the area near U.S Hwy 27 where the body was found is only about one mile from the location where another dead body was found by hunters just last year.

However, investigators do not believe the 2015 murder and the current situation are in any way related.

Henry says it appears the body found Saturday morning had only been there for a short period of time and he also states the death appears to have been caused by foul play.

Investigators are awaiting official autopsy results and notification of next of kin before naming the victim.

Anyone with any information about this crime is asked to contact the Heard County Sheriff’s Office.

Stay tuned to for further information as it becomes available.


  1. Ong we have become a dump site for killer to dump the dead. Something has to be done step up the patrol highet more cops.If it is not drug runners, dope heads. RAPEIST, MOLESTER’S NOW MURDERER’S .Are we safe in Heard County. We have more cold MOLESTERS here than surrounding counties. All with in a mile radius of our grandkids or a school.It is sad that we allow this.

    • Roger Cassel says

      Two bodies found a year apart a mile from each other and you think a murder is on the lose. Ya maybe one but their was a arrest in last years. Stop being small minded.

    • The police/sheriff’s department find out after the fact. A killer don’t call and tell them he/she will be dumping a body, or that they are going to kill.
      Yes Heard County has a lot of child predators however so do the surrounding counties. The law can only do so much, having I-85 near by people can look on radar map and find secluded areas to leave a body and be back on I-85 and gone.
      Yes prevention would be great but the question is HOW?

  2. Christina Jackson says

    So sad may GOD comfort this family my heart goes out to the

  3. Stop blaming the police,an talk to the judges who lets these criminal out.

  4. robert ackey says

    Its sad to hear things like this find the guilty

  5. Please update the info on this web page, not every one lives on Facebook.

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