September 26, 2021

Two children killed, mother wounded in Lagrange fire

(Atlanta, GA) — The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that a fire in LaGrange killed two children and left their mother in critical condition.

The fire occurred at 231 Cherry Valley Lane around 4:00 AM on Wednesday, October 28.

12-year-old Desmond Chester and 8-year-old William Chester were killed in the fire, and 38-year-old Lynette Chester remains in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Jason Holmes, 40, also lived in the home but did not sustain any injuries.

“Any loss of life due to a Georgia fire is hard, but the loss of two children is even harder,” said Commissioner King. “As a husband and father, I am keeping this family and their loved ones in my prayers throughout the coming days. I know my staff will be doing the same.”

Upon arriving at the scene, the LaGrange Police Department and LaGrange Fire Department discovered that the mobile home, which was built in the 1970s, had been engulfed in flames.

Local officials found the body of one of the children in the kitchen and another in a back bedroom. State investigators ruled this fire to be accidental.

“LaGrange officials showed extraordinary bravery and resolve by responding to this devastating fire,” King continued.

“Today marks National First Responders Day, and this incident serves as a reminder of the emotional toll a day at work can have on our police, fire, and EMT professionals.”

Commissioner King’s State Fire Investigations Unit will continue investigating this fire alongside LaGrange officials and provide any updates to the press and the public as they become available.

The passing of Desmond and William Chester mark the 67th and 68th fire fatalities in Georgia this year.


  1. Sheila D Peterson says

    God our love and prayers are with the family, the 2 boys that passed and their Mother in the hospital. We will always remember. Thanks to our Police, Fireman, and Emt’s. God give you all strength.

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