September 26, 2021

Brother There is No Way I am Getting a Facebook !!!

[russfb]I can’t begin to express just how much social networking has changed my life over the last couple of years. Only my few friends that have been a part of my page from the very beginning can truly understand all that has taken place because of facebook here in our small rural West Georgia community.

As many of the other residents of “virtual Heard County” well know I have experienced my fair share of ups and downs during my interactions and debates with other very conservative locals on some very volatile and emotional topics such as religion, politics, war, gay marriage, and relationships.

I often wonder if other little towns in other parts of the world have experienced these same kinds of things due to this new internet phenomenon that has suddenly and without warning allowed people the opportunity to communicate and share everything from family photos to lengthy political diatribes about any and every topic all in a matter of seconds.

It once took days or even weeks to spread news around the world but  now a celebrity tragedy such as the recent one of Amy Whinehouse is old news in a matter of hours.

I just turned 40 years old a couple of months ago. For all of my life I have always really enjoyed probing the thoughts of just about everyone I have met and I have always tried to do so as quickly as possible.

It has never been unusual for me to ask someone about their religious or political beliefs within minutes of meeting them.

I don’t know why but pretty much every person I have ever met I have found to be really interesting. I just love to talk to all kinds of people and hear what is indeed their own personal perspective of the world we live in.

As a result in the first 38 years of my life I got to know I would say about 25 people really well. It seemed like a lot… until I found Facebook.

Now here I am just a couple of years later and I estimate that now I know about 700 people really well and I am not even sure how it really happened.

It is kind of cliché but it does really seem like it has all been just a dream. It seems like only yesterday that it was the spring of 2009 and I was arguing with my brother because he wanted me to get on Facebook. I was adamant that I was having NONE of it.

I was completely 100% convinced it wasn’t for me. He went on and on about how much he enjoyed it and I was indeed very emphatic that I would NOT enjoy it.

Thankfully, he persisted long and diligently enough that I decided to finally give it a whirl and I signed on just to check it out. My plan was only to make a page so I could see exactly what all the fuss was about.

I seriously had no intentions of anything other than a minimal participation in this unknown virtual community. My what a difference a couple of years can make.

Here I sit in August of 2011 and  “Facebook Russ Massa” has experienced more than “Real Life Russell Massa” could have ever dreamed.

It has not been all good times and sunshine but for the most part it has always been very interesting and I certainly believe as a result of my voyage that my outlook in many areas has changed a lot.I once thought this seemed impossible.

In this column I will be sharing my many varied Facebook experiences with you in hopes to enlighten, educate, and inform you of all the good, the bad, and the ugly of the impact social networking has had on myself and the small Heard County community.

I appreciate you tuning in for the adventures of “The Mad Facebooker” where you will hear stories of all my experiences through the medium known as social networking…trust me when I say these events are vast and strange but as all my Facebook friends can attest they are also very true…


  1. Gotta love Timbo!

  2. Michael Williams says

    Nice writing Russ. Lots of good words. Haha.

  3. Anna Kirkpatrick says

    this is great.

  4. shelly hester says

    Couldn’t said it better myself! That’s how Facebook has been for me as well.

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