May 24, 2016

Burdens to celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Sam and Mary Nell Burden

Sam and Mary Nell Burden

Heaven Bound Church of God at 760 Centralhatchee Parkway in Centralhatchee, Georgia, (the church is located 7 miles North of Franklin) invites all family and friends to come, Friday Night, March 1, 2013 to celebrate Sam and Mary Nell Burden’s 50th Wedding Anniversary at 7:00 p.m.

This being their 50th Anniversary, which will be their Golden Anniversary, the Church and Reception will be decorated in the color gold. The celebration will begin with family and friends gathering inside the church sanctuary to rejoice with Sam and Mary Nell Burden as they renew their wedding vows to each other and everyone will then enjoy a wedding reception meal at the Centralhatchee City Hall Recreation Building.

Everyone that has known Sam and Mary Nell Burden know how they have loved and helped many people through the years by being there to show love in many ways by raising money to help those that have had many hardships and blessed many Pastors at many Appreciation Services.

Pastor Debbie Kendrick is asking all family and friends to come together to enjoy this special celebration on March 1st at 7:00 p.m. with Sam and Mary Nell and let us also take this opportunity to bless them with cards of love and cash gifts.

This couple has faced many sickness and hardships themselves, but it never prevented them from being a couple that reached out to be there to help others, even when they had needs of their own. Now let us come together and celebrate with them and be a blessing to them too!


  1. Michael L. Noles says:

    If there were a model of “good peole or Christian people” in this world… These two would be apart of that structure. I hope they have 50 more blessed years.

  2. Thanks Russ for posting this for The Burden’s have shown and given so much love to us citizens of Heard County time after time. As we all know Sister Mary Nell never takes the credit but she always shouts: “Nothing But Jesus!”

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