November 29, 2020

Carroll EMC Impact Grant used to purchase AED’s

Pictured above (L-R) are: Officer Glenn Towler - Franklin Police Department Certified Athletic Trainer Megan Anthony - Heard County High School Officer Nikki Chapman - Franklin Police Department Principal Brent Tisdale - Heard County High School Chief Kevin Hannah- Franklin Police Department Assistant Principal Maggie Williams - Heard County High School

Pictured above (L-R) are: FPD Officer Glenn Towler, HHS Certified Athletic Trainer Megan Anthony,  FPD Officer Nikki Chapman,  HHS Principal Brent Tisdale, Chief Kevin Hannah, and HHS Assistant Principal Maggie Williams

(Franklin, GA) — The Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative Foundation recently awarded the Franklin Police Department, along with many other organizations, with Impact Grants for special projects designed to benefit local communities.

Chief Kevin Hannah and Officer Nikki Chapman attended the reception at the Carroll EMC main office in Carrollton, where funding was received for the purchase of Automated External Defibrillators to be placed in patrol vehicles, Franklin City Hall, Franklin Police Department, and three additional units at the Heard County High School.

This funding was made possible by Carroll EMC’s Operation Round Up program that began in 2001 and has provided $2.8 million to special projects in their service area.

Since a patrol officer is most often the first to arrive on a medical emergency scene due to already being mobile, implementation of lifesaving AED’s in patrol vehicles will allow for quicker rendering of aid to a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

In addition, the placement of these devices at Franklin City Hall, Franklin Police Department, and the three additional AED’s at the Heard County High School will allow for the increased response time by employees at these locations as well.

In people who experience sudden cardiac arrest, an electric shock from an AED can restore the heart’s normal rhythm, improving the chance of the person’s survival up to 74% if received within the first three minutes.

“AEDs have been proven to increase survival rates among sudden cardiac arrest victims and we are excited to now have an additional 10 of these devices within our community, lessening the deployment time and increasing the survival rate of victims,” stated Chief Kevin Hannah.

“I would like to thank the Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative Foundation for assisting our agency in funding these devices that were immediately deployed within our community.”

Principal Brent Tisdale stated, “Heard County High is grateful to the fine folks at Carroll EMC for their support in providing these AED’s to our campus. Business partners are vital to the success of our school and we appreciate everything they do for Brave Nation.”

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