March 18, 2019

Valentine’s steak dinner at Ephesus Baptist

(Ephesus, GA) -- Ephesus Baptist church will be having our Annual Valentines Steak dinner sponsored by the  youth and children of the church. Come join us February 16th from 5-7 for a valentines dinner which includes a steak, baked potato, salad, roll and dessert. Tickets are only $20 and need to be purchased in advance. All proceeds go toward the youth … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Dinner Youth Fundraiser at Olive Branch Church

(Franklin, GA) -- Olive Branch Church will host a Spaghetti Dinner Church Youth Fundraiser on Saturday, February 16th at 6:00 PM. $5 Plates -- Treat your Valentine to a great meal catered by our youth. Eat in our fellowship hall for great service, or get your plates to go! Olive Branch Church is located at 40 Frolona Road in Franklin, GA. … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Getting Started

When I announced my call to preach my pastor said to me, “So, you’re called to preach?”  I said, “Yes sir. I am.” He responded, “Well, then don’t you ever come into this church unless you’re prepared to preach. The Bible says to be instant in season and out, and I will give you the pulpit on a moment’s notice.” I thought he was kidding. However, one Sunday … [Read more...]

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

(Franklin) — If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, we can help. Come to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous to hear a solution. Every Monday night from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. an open discussion meeting of AA is held at the Franklin Church of God located at 12002 GA Hwy 100 in Franklin, GA. … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: God Called Me to Preach

After our wedding, Marianne and I attended the church where I met Jesus and we met each other. Before long I began to sense that God had something more for my life. As I would listen to the pastor preach, I would think things like, “I would have said that like this,” or “I would have used another scripture there.” As I began to sense that God was calling … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: The Stories of My Life 3 — Meeting Jesus

As I stated in an earlier column, “God tends to work in my life through cataclysmic, over the top means and blessings. He leaves very little room for me to misunderstand what He is doing!” The same is true regarding my salvation experience. For the first sixteen years of my life I was raised in a traditional, quiet, Southern Baptist Church. Everything was … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: The Stories of My Life — Water Pipe Moments

As I was thinking about Christmas and the cycle of life, my mind wandered back to the days of long ago that I spent growing up at 38 Borders Road in LaGrange, Georgia. God knows it was a simpler time way back then. We were the “poster family” for being poor. However, everybody else in the neighborhood was poor too, so we didn’t know the difference. But … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Dancing in Your Hurricane

A portion of the lyrics to the song, “The Eye,” by Brandi Carlisle, state, “You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye.” That lyric is a poignant reminder that even in the fiercest of storms, there is usually an eye – a respite, if you will. Regrettably, I fear that we expend exorbitant amounts of time, energy, and resources … [Read more...]

Christmas Happenings at Centralhatchee First Baptist Church

(Centralhatchee) -- Our Adult Christmas Choir Concert will be held on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 6:00 p.m. Join our WOW students, Pre-K through Grade 5, on Sunday, Dec. 16th at 6 p.m. as we celebrate the birth of CHRIST in a trip to Bethlehem with songs and scriptures. Shepherds, angels, wisemen, and villagers are amazed at the wonderful news of the birth of our … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Getting Off the Wrong Bus

(Writer’s note: This column was originally written to a group of pastors I mentor regarding leadership. Hopefully, it will help somebody today. And Happy Thanksgiving! – Bro. Aaron) Have you ever been traveling somewhere and suddenly discovered that you were on the wrong bus, the wrong plane, the wrong train, or even the wrong road - traveling in the … [Read more...]