September 3, 2015

Pastoral Nuggets: Through the Filters of Our Own Prejudice

I heard a story about a banker who continually told folks, “Given the right set of circumstances, everybody will cheat and lie – everybody.” And I also heard about a pastor who was continually telling his male pastoral staff, “You’ve got to watch the women in the church. They’ll get you in trouble.” It was no surprise to learn that the banker was caught … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Legos

The moments, circumstances, situations, and even people we encounter and experience in life are much like a set of Legos. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. And each has its own function. They also come in a box with a pretty picture on the front that depicts what they have the potential to become. However, they have to be willing to … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: The Show of Life

“Sometimes I feel like sunshine must - shining on everything else that it never was.” Laurie Beth Jones. It is “Human” Nature for us to want our accomplishments to be in the spotlight of the show of life. It is “Christian” Nature for us to place the accomplishments of others in the spotlight of life. One comes naturally. The other requires great Spiritual … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Sing!

In her book: A Cup of Sun: A Book of Poems, Joan Walsh Anglund said, “A bird doesn't sing because he has an answer - he sings because he has a song.” What a truth! And what an important reminder for us! There’s an ill-wind blowing in America today like I have never witnessed. People just seem to be mad with each other about anything and everything. Those … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Gay Marriage

There is nobody more opposed to "Gay Marriage" than me.  I believe it tears at the very core of the Biblical and moral fabric upon which my Conservative Christian values and beliefs are based. I further believe that it tears apart the Biblical and moral values and beliefs our great nation was founded upon. I have fought it on every front I could. I have … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Me

The greatest detriment to my personal testimony - is me. The person who stands in the greatest need of forgiveness, both from you, others, and God - is me. The person I know who fails God more than anybody else - is me. And the most undeserving person of God’s salvation, grace, mercy, and anointing upon their life - is me. In fact, I believe that had I … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: The Wisdom of Athena

“Happiness depends upon ourselves. Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story. The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Happiness is a direction not a destination. Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. You know my name, not my story. … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: 4 Very Powerful Statements

The eyes of many in the congregation were moistened this past Sunday night, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable as she shared her testimony. It was easy to see and understand that her words were coming from a place of darkness and deep hurt in her life. Even after twenty plus years the pain was still very real. And if the truth were known, … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: Baseball and Life

Life (and Christianity) is much like the game of baseball. I read a quote from Rick Dempsey about baseball that both resonated with and encouraged me. Hopefully, it will encourage you as well. Regarding being effective at the game of baseball, Dempsey said, "You've got to take it one game at a time, one hitter at a time. You've got to go on doing the things … [Read more...]

Pastoral Nuggets: The Rest in the Symphony of Life

Being raised at 38 Borders Road meant a lot of things. One thing it meant was you were going to learn to play a musical instrument. My whole family is musically inclined. Momma played the piano. Daddy played anything with strings on it. Billy plays the piano. Frank plays the guitar. Judy plays the piano. And I play the dickens! (Guitar) I vividly remember … [Read more...]