June 25, 2016

Echols: How about a ‘Blackout’ Saturday for Coach Richt?

By Tim Echols Regardless of where you were when you heard the news about Coach Mark Richt leaving the University of Georgia, you were probably as stunned as I was. Sure, we all want to win the Southeastern Conference football championship again, and even be national champions, and maybe we will someday. But Coach Richt deserves our respect, and he deserves … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Coach Barron needs your help

Dear Heard County Citizens: I need your help. Over the past few years, our student athletes have given us so much to be proud of. Heck, we have had back to back region titles in football, and our Lady Braves have become not only the top softball program in the West Georgia area but one of the top programs of all classifications in the entire state. This … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL: Why Welfare Opponents and Supporters are both Wrong

Courtesy of The Warcry Written by: Summer Goode A heated debate has raged over welfare in America and its purpose for nearly half of a century. Welfare, in its most basic form, is a system that lends a helping hand and financial aid to those in need. Some of these programs include food stamps, unemployment, housing assistance, and child care. There are … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL: Thank you Heard Citizens!

Two years ago today, HeardCitizen.com was created in hopes of reinventing the way that news is delivered to our local community. While we have great respect for our two local print newspapers, we saw an obvious need for information and news to be shared more than just once per week and we sought to fill that void in an innovative new way. Our goal has … [Read more...]

Editorial: A message from The Warcry

To Heard Citizens, The Warcry (The Heard High School Newspaper) has been able to reach a wider audience since our transition to a digital distribution. Instead of providing the citizens of Heard County with news only once a month, we are now able to give our readers up to date information regarding school activities through our weekly update which can be … [Read more...]

Katy’s Story

Katy's Story Written by: Kevin McMurry “Where is the rest of file,” I asked.  “That's all of it,” my investigator replied.  I looked back at the thin folder containing a couple of pages of paper.  “So all we have is this woman's story?”  The investigator nodded.  “Let's get her into the office to talk about it.” In the legal world and particularly in … [Read more...]

Emory Palmer for Superior Court Judge

Written By: Brett Smith “I believe I offer the people of our circuit the best combination of experience and commitment.” Recently, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Mr. Emory Palmer’s campaign staff, and I can say that without a doubt, he is the best man for the job of Superior Court Judge. Mr. Palmer is experienced, committed, and … [Read more...]

Bullying is not ok: Talk to your kids

It was winter of my sophomore year, and my high school dance team had just taken the gym floor for our halftime performance. I anxiously took my place and struck my pose. The gym went silent in anticipation of the music that was coming on, and then it happened. A chorus of "Suck it in, Sanford!" rang out through the silence, and I, along with the rest of … [Read more...]

Why I Voted for Obama in 2008, but won’t in 2012!

          (Written by: Trannon Goble) President Obama looks familiar. He resembles a previous President. No, he doesn't resemble George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. It's not Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Kennedy or LBJ. Did someone say Ronald Reagan? Nah. It's much more recent. There it's coming to me ... into focus now ... yep, there he is … [Read more...]

Obama Must Go

(Written by: Brett Smith, Courtesy of the Warcry November 2011) President Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America and in January of 2009, was one of the most eagerly awaited presidents of all time. Obama spent the majority of his campaign critiquing and criticizing failed Bush policies and making empty promises that … [Read more...]