December 17, 2014

Kristy’s Kitchen: Springtime Salad Ideas


Spring is in the air!  Even though we may have a few weeks of cooler weather, it's never to early to start planning your outdoor events with family & friends. I am already looking forward to Easter Weekend and a big cookout that we are planning. This is a great time to look for new recipes or bring back some of your old favorites. Here are a few of my … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Recipes


So just in time for Valentines Day, I found the cutest recipes while printing a coupon & I thought that I would share them. Have a Sweet Day! Love Note Cupcakes What a sweet way to deliver a special note, just in time for Valentines Day! What you need: 24 Foil Baking Cups 1 package (18.25 ounces) natural vanilla or yellow cake mix 1 … [Read more...]

Kristy’s Kitchen: Stockpile Recipes


I love couponing but I have taken a month or so off. The main reason is my stockpile is taking over and with the holidays being so busy, we just bought the essentials for the past few weeks. It has been great but I am back to clipping. If you haven't checked out the printables online at, now would be a great time. There are so many coupons to … [Read more...]

New Year’s Savings Resolutions


There are several New Year's Revolutions that are made this time of year. One of my personal favorites is to save money or to manage our money better in 2012.  That is at the top of my list. Tips for being more prepared this year  Plan ahead- Christmas shopping can be stressful with 2 teenage girls. My husband & I do not use credit cards so we have … [Read more...]

Chocolate Christmas Recipes


Christmas Is here!  We are all so busy shopping & spending time with family that I like to take the easy route when it comes to cooking. I think that Christmas time is a time for Semi-homemade cooking. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are so inexpensive and you can really do lot with one bag. (Coupon Tip- If you love coupons, there are lots of coupons in … [Read more...]

Holiday Potluck Ideas


Now that the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays are approaching, we are going to be invited to Family Dinners & Parties to celebrate the Holidays. Many of these will be a potluck-style dinners. Whether it be a side item, dessert or both, it comes with its challenges. This can be very stressful if you are trying to juggle your normal daily routine, … [Read more...]

Quick Meal Ideas


Now that school is back in session, things are crazy for moms trying to figure out what to do for dinner. In addition to helping my husband with church things, leading a bible study, taking care of my daughters and couponing, I have added homeschooling my middle school daughter to the list of things that I do in a day. I have been trying to figure out … [Read more...]

Stock Up and Save


Fall is the time of year to take advantage of great deals to save you money. School supplies, lunch size snacks & even some household items are on sale at a deep discount. Here are some tips on using these sales to our advantage: Stock up on school supplies for the rest of the school year. Children need supplies for the rest of the school year … [Read more...]

Start Your Own Stockpile

Grocery stockpile

(Kristy is a stay at home mom of two teenage girls. Her oldest daughter is going to high school this year and she is homeschooling her middle school daughter until she goes to high school. She is a busy Mom, volunteer, pastor's wife, & teen taxi driver. She is eight months cancer-free after being diagnosed and having surgery last year. She loves to save … [Read more...]

Kristy’s Kitchen

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Practical cost cutting recipes & tips Taco Bake 1 lb. Ground Chuck 1 cup of Salsa 1 can of tomato soup 6 reg sized tortilla shells 1 cup of shredded cheese (whatever type you prefer) Brown Ground chuck, cut the tortilla shells into strips. Combine tomato soup & salsa with the tortilla shells and stir together. Add one cup of cheese to the top … [Read more...]