January 23, 2021

Won’t You Come Home with Me?

She was a businesswoman and a brand new Christian.  Although the Bible doesn’t say much about her (Acts 16:13-15), I know I want to be a lady like Lydia.  I admire her for loving God, which she demonstrated through her worship.  I admire her for her sincerity, which she demonstrated when she accepted and obeyed the gospel.  But I especially admire her for … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: Young, Wild, and Free?

(NOTE: This week's Life and Favor article is written by Kathy's 18-year-old son Gary Pollard who has been homeschooled for most of his life. After graduation this spring, Gary plans to attend the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, Colorado) I just finished reading a book called "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris. In this book, they … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: Rubbish

In Cambodia, we noticed they don’t use the words “garbage” or “trash” or “waste.”  They have RUBBISH cans.  We found humor in that and started using the word at every opportunity.  Today I ran across some real rubbish, some things that are most foul.  Out of curiosity, I wondered how many “God is” statements are in the Bible.  God is light.  God is love. … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

No one came to see me.  No one called me.  No one sent me a card.   It seems like I’m doing all the work.  No one is helping me. I’m tired of being the one always making the first move.  Let someone else make the effort for once. I give and give and give, but never get anything back.  I’m sick of it. If I didn’t go out of my way to talk to people, … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Challenge

We visited this gruff-looking gorilla on a beautiful, mild day this past spring.  He did not look happy. I decided I was grateful for the safety barrier, as I would not want to get too close to this grumpy guy. When I was growing up, my dad often reminded me that when my face isn’t smiling, I look cold or even stuck-up. That was good to know … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: Running on Empty

Once I was stranded in the parking lot of a grocery store because my car wouldn’t start.  I tried everything, and was really starting to feel helpless when a kind man came to lend a hand. It didn’t take long for him to diagnose the problem.  ”Lady, I think your car is out of gas.”  Oh.  I never wanted to repeat that embarrassing situation, so I knew I had … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: What Moves You?

Some are moved by beauty. Some are moved by animals or babies. I’m moved by music, and always have been. I remember crying in worship as a child when we’d sing “Old Rugged Cross,” or when I’d hear my dad’s tenor during “My Jesus I Love Thee.” My husband Neal chuckles a bit when I want him to hold me, and he realizes it’s because there’s pretty music … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: Haunted by the Past

Have any regrets?  While most of us have things in our past we wish we could go back and change, some have things in their past they can’t seem to, well, get past. You may have studied the Bible with someone who briefly looked hopeful as they contemplated salvation, but then their shoulders slumped as they whispered, “But you have no idea what I’ve … [Read more...]

Life and Favor: Revived

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The Heard Citizen is pleased to announce the addition of a new blogger, Kathy Pollard, to our faith and values section. Kathy resides in Colorado and is married to former Heard Student and Pulpit Minister at Bear Valley Church of Christ Neal Pollard. Kathy's blog is called Life and Favor. We will be sharing her blog entries regularly here at … [Read more...]