July 10, 2020

Happy Birthday Baby Silas

One year ago today Baby Silas Lane Kirkpatrick was born at West Georgia Medical Center in Lagrange. Silas was perhaps the most well-known little baby in the history of Heard County. His mom was Anna Kirkpatrick, a senior at Heard High School. Anna was basically the "poster girl" for our local facebook page known as The FrAnK LynN MuSe BrAKe. Anna was very … [Read more...]

Heard County’s Top Websites

[russfb]I posted a poll question on my Facebook recently asking about the frequency of visitors to various informational Heard County websites. Oddly enough, I noticed that most people visited very few if any local websites and in fact many seemed to be unaware of the existence of some of the most important sites. As a result I decided to rate all the … [Read more...]

Mystery Solved

[russfb]My first few days on Facebook were very interesting indeed. In fact, I was so excited I think I only slept for two hours each night during my first week. I was in compete and utter awe at this “new world.” There were so many things you could experience I was virtually overwhelmed or even better yet I was overwhelmed virtually. I mean with just … [Read more...]

Brother There is No Way I am Getting a Facebook !!!

[russfb]I can’t begin to express just how much social networking has changed my life over the last couple of years. Only my few friends that have been a part of my page from the very beginning can truly understand all that has taken place because of facebook here in our small rural West Georgia community. As many of the other residents of “virtual Heard … [Read more...]