June 21, 2018

Centralhatchee Alumni Banquet to be held April 22

(Centralhatchee) — Even though it’s been 63 years since the last class of 23 graduates crossed the stage for the Centralhatchee High School commencement service, numerous classmates have continued to come together each year for the Centralhatchee Alumni Banquet.

The first graduating class was in 1930 and consisted of 11 graduates. The last graduating class was in 1954. Each year the Junior Class Home Economics class was in charge of planning, preparing, and serving the Senior Class a meal in honor of their impending graduation.

Centralhatchee GymAccording to Agnus Jackson, Class of 1948, “This was a memorable event for all involved and something each graduating class looked forward to each year!”

After the last graduation, the Centralhatchee Alumni began having an annual banquet, and all former Centralhatchee High School students were invited to attend.

This year will mark the 64th anniversary of the Centralhatchee Alumni Banquet.

The current school motto, ‘Continuing a Tradition of Excellence’ also expresses the mindset for wanting the banquet to remain strong!

In an attempt to keep the tradition of the Centralhatchee Alumni Banquet ongoing, the invitation has been extended to include any student who has attended school at Centralhatchee, regardless what grade level, as well as any former or present faculty of staff members.

Since the beginning, the banquet has been held in the original school gym. It was built in 1935 by the WPA and is located on the grounds of Centralhatchee Elementary School.

Each year, a delicious meal is served and a short meeting is held to update alumni members on the recent accomplishments of the current Centralhatchee Elementary School, as well as local community progress.

As part of the program, a candle is lit for any classmates who have passed since the last banquet. Former classmates enjoy an evening of reminiscing about their many wonderful experiences at their alma mater!

If you attended school at Centralhatchee and would like to attend the banquet, please call the current Centralhatchee Alumni President Bill or Sue Loftin at 770-253-5187 for further information.

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