June 18, 2018

CES Book Character Pumpkins

(Centralhatchee) — Fall was in the air at the H.R. Dowdy Media Center with the addition of twenty five pumpkins decorated as book characters. The students and parents teamed together to make a great pumpkin. The  judges had a very difficult time making a decision!

Pre-K-1st Pumpkin WinnersThe winners from the Pre-Kindergarten—First grade Division were: 1st place Addie Arp, 2nd place Daniel Lohr, and 3rd place Eli Boyd.

2nd-3rd Pumpkin WinnersThe Second—Third grade Division winners were: 1st place Keaton Knowles, 2nd place Skyler Griffin, and 3rd place Kaitlyn Momman.

4th-5th Pumpkin WinnersFourth—Fifth grade Division winners were:  1st place Aidan Boyd, 2nd place Cody Hand, 3rd place McKenzie Gray.

All winners received vouchers to purchase books at the Book Fair currently in the Media Center and all who participated also received a free ice cream. Congratulations to all who participated!


  1. Thanks Russ!
    Stephanie Hyatt

  2. Please visit our school website. I have posted a link to this article.


  3. Trina Hannah says:

    All of the pumpkins are amazing. It is so wonderful to see so many parents involved with their kids for such a FUN event!! Thanks Mrs. Stephanie you are awesome!!!

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