January 23, 2022

CES Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance

(Centralhatchee) — Pictured above are students that achieved perfect attendance for the 2013-2014 school year at Centralhatchee Elementary School.

Back row (L-R):  Orrin Rowley, Courtney Cannon, Trevarious Allen, Kaitlin Brown, Lydia Craven,  Katie Ray, and Jessica Cato.

Middle Row (L-R):  Nathan Allen, Cody Hand, Chipper McCluskey, Jay Patel, Raven Gamble, Piya Patel, and Whit Pope

Front Row (L-R):  Elora Craven, Cassidy Prince, Caitlyn Shelnutt, Cayla Sumner, and Tallyah Pless

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