November 29, 2020

CES Tops in Georgia with Box Tops

Centralhatchee Elementary participates in an ongoing fundraising project sponsored by General Mills called the Box Tops for Education Program.

Unlike other programs sponsored by major companies where you earn points and have to purchase from their catalogs, this program allows the school more freedom to purchase things they really need.

Each individual box top is worth ten cents and the totals add up quickly.

Currently, Centralhatchee Elementary ranks among the top collectors in the state of Georgia with a ranking of 866 out of 3,648 schools (all elementary, middle and high schools combined).

Last year, the students were competing by homerooms for a quarterly ice cream party and collected just under 10,000 box tops.

CES Box Top Coordinator, Melissa Jones stated, “We haven’t had the ongoing competition this year but we are working on rewarding students in the spring for their efforts.” Collection numbers are good thus far. As of today, the students have collected 4,390 tops.

The money raised has been spent in such a way as to align purchases with current curriculum set forth by the Georgia Performance Standards.

Fourth and Fifth graders are expected to read 25 books or the equivalent of 1,000,000 words a year from a diverse collection of material.

As a result, the PTO has purchased new graphic novels for the media center. Graphic novels are a unique way to reach struggling readers and further develop the love of reading. This translates into a very successful AR (accelerated reader) program.

As technology continues to enhance everyday living, it also changes the way we shop. In an effort to target online shoppers, General Mills now has an online purchasing program which also yields box tops for online purchases. There are 75 online supporters of the Centralhatchee program.

During the upcoming holiday season, shoppers are encouraged to read labels and look for those desired box top products. A complete product list can be found at

You can also register to support your local school at the same web site. If you would like to contribute to the collection efforts of the students at Centralhatchee Elementary just bring your box tops by the main office and they’ll take care of the rest.

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