March 6, 2021

Chair Candidate Keri Denney outlines some campaign issues

Heard County Citizens,

I have had many people ask me what I plan to do as the new Heard County Commission Chair. Let me outline a few of the issues that I intend to address:

1.  When looking at the statewide average compensation for our frontline workers, Heard County falls short. Our firefighters make, on average, 53% less that the average Georgia firefighter. Our policies make 27% less than the average Georgia deputy. When elected I will make it a priority to look for ways to increase compensation and benefits for our county employees to better line up with averages across our state. Our employees offer great value to our county and deserve to be paid accordingly. I will fight for you!

2.  I have heard from so many of you that broadband internet is much needed in our area, and I couldn’t agree more. It has been painfully evident during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is expensive, slow, and frustrating to work from home using only data. The average age in Heard County is 41.9 years old, which means that there are a great majority of internet active citizens who need web access. When I am elected, I will pursue high-speed access for all who want it in our county. I will work with our local development authority and state representatives to create a plan to approach providers to convince them of the need here.

3.  According to the Heard County, Georgia Code of Ordinances Article 1, Section 12, adopted in 2008, ALL jobs performed for Heard County require the review of sealed bids, to be advertised two consecutive weeks. This is great news for our many small businesses in the county who are working to support their families. When elected I will reinstate and enforce this code to be fair to all our citizens.

4.  Another ordinance that needs to be reinstated and enforced is Heard County, Georgia Code of Ordinances Article 1, Section 11.5 that states any contract in excess of $5,000 needs to be approved by the Board of Commissioners. As Commission Chair, I promise all financial expenditures over $5,000 will be discussed and approved as a board.

5.  It is the responsibility of public servants to make financial transparency a prime concern. One of my first acts as Heard County Commission Chair will be to meet with each department head for a financial review to analyze spending and budget concerns. My goal is to continue having financial meetings with all department heads on a quarterly basis so that we are all aware of where taxpayers’ dollars are being spent at all times. This allows cross-referencing where any spending might overlap as well as brainstorming together as a team for the citizen’s benefit. Working together, we will join forces to best serve our community.

I have been preparing for the Chair position for a while now. I am uniquely trained and educated to provide the leadership Heard County needs to advance us into the next decade.

I became a certified county commissioner, which requires 66 hours of education, in my first year as a district commissioner.

In the five years I was in that position I accumulated 188 hours of education through the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG).

Over 40 of those hours were classes that specialized in leadership. I spent the last 10 months as district commissioner sitting on the ACCG Board of Managers.

As you can see I am qualified to be the next Heard County Commission Chair.


Keri Denney

Candidate for Heard County Commission Chair




  1. Sandi Allen says

    It will be great to see our County Charter will be followed if you are elected. Our Charter has always stated that the Board of Commissioners have to approve any expenditures over $5,000.00. I hope that you will also let the Board do the job that they are elected to do and include them in decision making.
    Our County employees are and always have been the county’s greatest asset and I have always felt that their compensation was inadequate. The County budget has fluff in it and the funds to do this can be found if everyone works together. I love Heard County and want to see it move forward.
    I hope that expenditures of all funds are frugal and spent accordingly to not waste county funds on frivolous and unnecessary purchases that will sit and not be used.
    Also, I like what you said about the bid process being followed in order to allow local businesses to compete for work in Heard County.
    If you will follow what you say you will do, You will be a great Commision Chair.

  2. Keri Denney says

    Thank you and I will absolutely do what I say.

  3. As a citizen of Heard County I would like to know what your plans are for diversity and nepotism within the county office, maintenance, and other county offices. How are you going to address on going problem.

    • Keri Denney says

      As of right now there is nothing in the county personnel policy that prohibits the hiring of family members to work in the same offices and/or locations. When I am Chair I intend to go over all of those policies with the human resource director along with the district commissioners to see if any updates need to be made. I can’t speak of what changes at this time because it will be a joint effort. Any changes would have to be addressed in an open meeting and voted in by a majority of the commissioners.

  4. Thank you for answering part of my question.

  5. Keri Denney says

    I apologize I left out part of my response. As far as diversity goes since I have not been privy to the applicants information and/or applications for available jobs, I am unsure how to best address that. I will say that my hope is that the jobs open are filled with the most qualified applicants, and based on nothing else.

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