March 2, 2021

Chairman announces Heard County Government Offices to reopen May 18

(Franklin, GA) — Effective Monday, May 18, 2020 the Heard County Administrative Building will re-open for normal hours of operation.

A restrictive access on the number of people per office will be enforced.

There will be a monitor at the door screening all persons wishing to enter and to control the amount of total number of occupants at any given time.

Therefore, a possible waiting period may be experienced before your business can be processed.

Masks are recommended for those wishing to enter, but will not be mandatory.

If any person is exhibiting any symptoms such as fever, or repetitive coughing and sneezing they will not be permitted access and/or asked to leave the building.

These same measures will also apply to the Courthouse as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding for the steps that we must take to ensure that protective measures for all of us are being practiced.

Lee Boone, Chairman

Heard County Board of Commissioners

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