November 29, 2020

Chairman Boone issues statement regarding COVID-19

To The Citizens of Heard County:

As Chairman, I have been continually monitoring communications and updates from the Governor’s Office, State Department of Health and the CDC regarding the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak.

The situation is changing from day to day, sometimes morning to afternoon.

The most important thing for me to do as Chairman is remain calm, listen to advice given by the experts from the agencies listed herein, and to react accordingly.

When people panic, all control is lost and rational decision making does not prevail.

The Recreation Director recently advised me that the District League Director has informed her that all recreation activities/games have been suspended for two weeks.

Therefore, the Heard County Recreation Department will also be closed to the public for the same time period.

The Senior Center will also be closed for two weeks, as our Seniors are some of the most vulnerable to the contagion. Transit will not provide services for transports outside of Heard County until further notice.

All other Heard Government offices will be open Monday, March 16 and any shutdown will be determined on a day to day basis.

All I can ask people to do is use a common sense approach this situation, remain calm and take every precaution with sanitary measures to protect yourself and your family.

I am a survivor, and I am determined to weather this storm and be a survivor when it is over.

I consider the majority of Heard County Citizens to be survivors also, and urge all of you stay strong in your resolve to be a survivor in the end.

Remember, we live in a rural community for a reason, and “Country Folks Can Survive.”

Lee Boone,

Heard County Chairman   


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