December 5, 2020

Chairman Boone revitalizes Brush Creek Park

Brush Creek Park, a county maintained recreation area on West Point Lake, recently underwent some much-needed repairs and maintenance just in time for the big community Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Sheriff’s Office last weekend.

Newly elected commission chairman Lee Boone ordered the repairs after being alerted by many citizens that the conditions at the park were “deplorable.”

According to chairman Boone, after hearing the complaints earlier this year, he went to personally inspect the park and did find that many of the facilities were very subpar both aesthetically and functionally.

VA-Egg Hunt-Brush Creek 090The most concerning issues found were electrical and Boone called in Hannah Electric Company to do an inspection. The inspection revealed many safety issues including several bathroom fixtures and RV pedestals that were not up to code.

“It is my job as the head of county operations to be in control. I want people to know that I am going to handle issues immediately, especially those that involve the safety of the public. Once I became aware of these issues I needed to address them. It would have been negligent on my part not to do something about it right away,” stated Boone.

Boone ordered approximately $12,000 in electrical repairs to be done by Hannah and many of the repairs have already been completed. All areas with safety issues were either closed off to the public immediately or repaired right away.

RV pedestals are being upgraded so that all include 50 amp power based on the growing needs of today’s modern RV’s which feature more amenities and power needs. Boone stated that about half of the pedestals were able to be repaired and about half are in the process of being replaced.

According to the chairman, a majority of the issues were due to neglect. “The park manager tried to address these issues for several years, but received little to no cooperation from the former Chairman,” stated Boone.

The previous commission chair, June Jackson, was in charge of the park and county operations for the previous eight years.

District 5 commissioner, Sandi Allen, expressed her disapproval of the handling of the repairs in her district at the most recent BOC meeting stating that “In the county charter, anything costing more than $5,000 should be bid out.”

Chairman Boone, however, believes he handled the situation properly. He believes that the $5000 rule applies to new contracts only and not maintenance issues. He also believes he made the right decision based on the fact that the issues posed a serious hazard to the safety of the public.

Boone also ordered several other improvements to the park including the addition of 25 new grills, 25 new trash receptacles, new picnic bench seats and replacement mulch in the playground areas. The bathrooms also received major makeovers including painting, new light switch timers, and hand dryers.

The county roads department is also assisting in a major clean-up effort at the park removing dead tress and cleaning out some very thick underbrush near the lake.

A Carrollton resident, Linda McKinney, has been visiting the park with her husband James for many years and was very complimentary of the repairs. “My husband and I have been camping here in the spring for about 15 years and the park looks the better today than it has in the last 10 years. We love it here and we are just amazed at all the recent improvements,” stated McKinney.

Boone also reports that the Corp of Engineers were really pleased at a recent inspection of the park.

Steve Lane, the manager of the park for nearly a decade, also received maintenance help from Boone with the addition of a lawn mower and a pick-up truck. Boone was surprised to learn that in years past, the park manager had been using his personal vehicle for clean-up at the park.

Remaining repairs and upgrades are expected to be completed soon. To see more photos of the newly refurbished park, visit






  1. Judy Lavoie says

    Thank you Lee Boone for taking care of this way past due task. Please let Snake Creek be next. We are so blessed to have these two parks in our county. Why can’t we take care of them? Please go out and observe the beauty God has given us and PLEASE TAKE CARE OF IT!!!! Thank you Lee for getting this up to STANDARD before someone got injured. Lets love Heard County and take care of what we have. We are so blessed to have the Hooch running through.

  2. red montgomery says

    Judy Lavoie you said everything I was thinking of saying. I took my son to the Easter event many times when he was of age. I wondered then WHY the park was so dangerous. Why not fix the safety needs? MONEY of course. LEE BOONE SAID SAFETY FIRST!!!! I was at the last County meeting and Lee was told that he did not follow the RULES.He said SAFETY FIRST! and ALL our commissioners agreed! THAT IS WHY SO MANY NEW PEOPLE COME HERE AND SAY THEY LOVE IT HERE!! red PS, One injury could COST many dollars.

  3. Cathy Adams says

    Good Job Boone! It is great news to find you are taking care of things that should have been taken care of a long time ago.!

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