March 1, 2021

PPA: Chairman Boone’s response (Part 4)

Chairman Boone’s continued response:

A clear understanding of the role of the Chairman verses the role of the district Commissioners needs to be revisited.

Consider the Chairman’s seat as the Executive branch of County Government.

The Chairman is elected at large and the primary duties include, but not limited to, the management and oversight of the annual budget, daily operations, county facilities and personnel.

Consider the Board of Commissioners as the legislative branch of County Government. They are elected by district and the primary duties include, but not limited to, set the annual budget, splost budget, millage rate, across the board pay increases, policy, zoning, ordinances, initiate new or special county projects such as new structures, major renovations, additions, and land acquisition.

As Chairman, I also depend on the District Commissioners to let me know if routine maintenance is not being performed in their district. I welcome calls from citizens as well, because I can’t fix a problem if I don’t know it exists.

My opponent ran for and won the District #2 Commissioner seat in 2014. After taking office in 2015, I extended her an invitation to contact or meet with me anytime as I have other newly elected, to help get up to speed on what was pending and answer any questions or concerns she may have. My offer was not rejected, however she never requested such a meeting(s).

District #2 includes the Town of Centralhatchee, and they rely on the county for certain special services which are performed subsequent to inter governmental agreements between the Commissioners and City Council. A good working relationship requires regular communications and coordination to ensure obligations are being met.

In the five years my opponent was District #2 Commissioner, she never took the time to attend a single City Council meeting to go on record assuring the Mayor and Council of her commitment, or never attended just to visit.

The local Daughters of the American Revolution(DAR) chapter has an annual event called “A Salute to Veterans” to recognize and honor our veterans for their sacrifice and service. The time of this event is always in November around Veterans Day and is well attended.

I have always been a big supporter of our veterans and gladly hosted this event for years at the 4-H Center, formally known as the old recreation gymnasium.

On November 09, 2019, the Town of Centralhatchee gracefully hosted this event at the new Veteran’s Memorial in the City Park. This event was well publicized in the local paper, and distinguished guests included our local Representative and Senator.

My opponent, who was District #2 Commissioner at the time was a no show. I asked the host and sponsors if they had heard from her or received a regret RSVP. Nobody knew why she did not attend, and I was embarrassed as Chairman of the Board.

The importance to honor and remember our local veterans who served our country on Veteran’s Day cannot be measured.

Apparently, she did not have time attend Council meetings or events in her own district but always managed to find the time to travel to to meetings and conferences 200 miles away. These facts clearly demonstrate how she represented District #2, so how well do you think she will represent the entire County?

I am convinced my opponent had no interest in being a District Commissioner, and it has only been used as a stepping stone to the Chairman’s seat.

She never showed any interest in learning how the internal and daily operations of our government functioned, recognized specific needs, expressed no concerns or submitted any new ideas that I personally witnessed.

As a candidate for Chairman, she is now deeply concerned, understands the needs, has solutions and is now determined to “Find a Way.”

She recently stated in one of her articles, “I have been preparing for the Chair position for a while now.” A more accurate statement should have been, I have been preparing for the Chair position “only” since 2014.

To be continued…

(Note: In my last article (Part 3) when I mentioned the “former” District #5 Commissioner, it was reference to Joe Adams.)

Lee Boone, Chairman

Heard County Board of Commissioners



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