March 6, 2021

Charles Israel announces campaign for Franklin City Council seat

Dear Citizens of Franklin:

After many prayers and self-reflection, I have qualified to run for the City of Franklin City Council Post 3.

This comes at a difficult time during the current global pandemic and economic crisis coupled with the tragic position opening caused by the death of Mayor Rogers.

While I am not native to Heard County, I have family that has been here for two decades.

I have lived in Heard County for the past nine years and after falling in love with the community I purchased my home in the City of Franklin five years ago.

I have had three children attend Heard County High School and have two more entering in the fall.

Whenever feasible I shop and eat local and hire local workers when I need things fixed.

I have been a band booster for the Marching Braves and a member of the Touchdown Club.

In 2018 I married my lovely wife, Tricia, on the football field at Heard County High where I have attended every football game since 2012.

I support our local kids and use social media platforms to try to create opportunities for them to attend college. I attend many of the City Council meetings.

I have 25 years of experience working in municipal governments including leadership roles. I hold an Associate’s degree in Homeland Security from Georgia Military College and a Government Leadership certification from Carl Vinson Institute at the University of Georgia.

I envision a future for Franklin of keeping local business sustainable while continuing our small-town way of life.

I humbly request your support to allow me to represent you. Feel free to visit me at

Your questions, comments, concerns, and ideas are always welcome as we work together to pull our city through these times.


Charles Israel

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