November 29, 2020

Chief Hannah Issues Warning to Young Drivers

(Franklin) — The Franklin Police Department will begin strictly enforcing traffic laws after recently receiving numerous complaints from citizens, business owners, and government officials.

According to a press release issued by Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, the complaints involve high school students, mostly at the end of the school day, speeding through parking lots and on the roadways within the city.

Additional complaints consist of excessive volume from radios and vehicle exhaust, causing damage to the gravel roadway and grass at the old recreation department; as well as loitering at local stores while using profanity and offending customers.

“The Franklin Police Department requests your compliance in obeying traffic laws and respecting others in the community,” said Chief Hannah. “Several verbal warnings have been issued to violators; but the problem has continued to increase, resulting in Franklin Police Department increasing its efforts to address this concern.”

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