February 21, 2019

Chief Hannah thanks citizens for recent support

Members of the Sikes family delivering goodie bags at the FPD on Monday (L-R): Nikki Chapman, Jordarius Foster, Glenn Towler, Terrie Sikes, Nathan Bradley, Chief Hannah, Allen Sikes.

Members of the Sikes family delivering goodie bags at the FPD on Monday (L-R): Officer Nikki Chapman, Intern Jordarius Foster, Officer Glenn Towler, Terrie Sikes, Nathan Bradley, Chief Hannah, Allen Sikes.

(Franklin, GA) — On Monday, August 1, the Beautifully Designed Ministry organized a ‘Back the Blue’ day to honor some law enforcement agencies across the nation.

A local woman, Terrie Sikes, organized the effort in Heard County and accepted donations to make goodie bags which she delivered to both the Franklin Police Department and the Heard County Sheriff’s Office.

“I believe that the officers need to know that they are truly supported by the public,” said Sikes last week. “This is just a way to show our appreciation to the law enforcement officers in our county.”

The effort by Sikes is just one example of many events held recently to honor local law enforcement.

Chief Kevin Hannah of the FPD released a statement thanking everyone in the community for the recent outpouring of support.

“We would like to thank the many citizens that have recently contacted us, provided meals and snacks, sent personalized cards, and went out of their way to show their appreciation for the services we provide,” said Chief Hannah.

“As a result of some past and present controversial incidents created by less than 1% of sworn officers, law enforcement has come under great scrutiny and hardship. I urge the citizens of our great country to not judge the entire profession by the actions of a few people,” added Hannah.

“It is important to know all the facts involved in each controversial incident and not form a personal opinion based on unsubstantiated social media opinions or biased media reporting, sometimes used to spike ratings by being the first to report on an incident or being the most controversial. When these incidents occur, they concern us all, from the situation itself to the civil unrest throughout our country that quickly follows. It often results in the loss of trust by some people regarding the entire profession.”

Some of the items included in the goodie bags delivered by Sikes included cards, bottled water, and pre-packaged snacks.

Chief Hannah says his department has received more support over the past few weeks than ever before.

“It is our pleasure to serve our community, and we need your support as we do so, especially in times like these. There has never been a time in my career where a simple ‘thank you’ has meant so much, nor has there ever been a time in my career where I have received so many supportive comments as I interact with the public,” says Hannah.

“I would like to thank each of you: the citizens we proudly serve, both supportive and non-supportive, as our agency continues to maintain and build rapport with the community.”

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