November 25, 2020

Christmas Eve flooding causes problems in West Georgia

(Franklin, GA) — Torrential Christmas Eve rainstorms wreaked some havoc throughout the West Georgia area Thursday including the flooding of some homes, road collapses, and other interruptions to normal holiday activities.

The Heard County area seems to have been spare from most of the problems although the Chattahoochee River did spill over its banks yesterday afternoon flooding the old recreation department area.

As of this morning the waters had not reached the new 4-H building, although they had circled the old tennis courts and ball fields.

The majority of Thursday’s issues came in neighboring Troup and Carroll Counties where 6-7 inches of rain deluged some of those areas in less than a 24-hour period. The Carmike Cinemas in Lagrange had to be closed after heavy rains breached the roof of the building.

After more heavy rains passed through the area late Thursday and into early Christmas morning, forecasts call for some relief over the weekend with temperatures expecting to set record highs in the upper 70’s.

To see more photos, videos, and other coverage of the flood damage in Troup and Carroll visit the following links: The Lagrange Daily News, The Times-Georgian, The Carrollton Menu on Facebook, and Newstalk 1330 on Facebook.

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