January 23, 2022

City of Ephesus celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ephesus Mayor Denney Rogers with his sister Karen Rogers enjoying Saturday's 50th anniversary celebration

Ephesus Mayor Denney Rogers with his sister Karen Rogers enjoying Saturday’s 50th anniversary celebration

(Ephesus) —  On Saturday, May 3rd, almost 300 attendees gathered at Hoyt Rogers Field in Ephesus to celebrate the Ephesus’ 50th Anniversary.

A charter was signed in 1964 to establish the City of Ephesus, formerly known as Loftin.

A plaque will be displayed in Ephesus City Hall recognizing Ephesus’ first 50 years, and listing each city council person who has served since the city’s inception.

Mayor Denney Rogers welcomed the crowd, thanking them for their attendance at the celebration, and for their support of Ephesus.

State Representative Randy Nix and Field Representative Matt Brass were in attendance, with Representative Nix giving the opening prayer.

Visitors were then treated to delicious barbecue, catered by Dave Langley. They were also given a vision of Ephesus’ future – plans for a new playground and tennis courts to be constructed near the ball field.

The band “The Servers” entertained with gospel bluegrass music, and Ephesus’ own Ephesus Elementary School Chorus also performed.

Inflatable slides were enjoyed by both children and adults, as even Mayor Denney Rogers and City Clerk Linda Yearwood took a turn on the slides.

Special thanks go out to City of Ephesus Council Woman Donna Henderson, who orchestrated the event, and to the many other volunteers who helped make it a reality. Said Ephesus citizen Phyllis Wiggins, “Mr. Lonnie Rogers was smiling down on us today.”

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