February 27, 2021

City of Franklin reopening plan

(Franklin, GA) — At Thursday’s monthly meeting, the Franklin City Council decided to reopen the City of Franklin government offices in limited capacity effective Monday June 8, 2020.

City Hall and the Franklin Police Department will reopen the lobbies during business hours and will allow one person in at a time.

Appropriate signage will be placed on the front door asking people to kindly wait outside if someone is currently being helped at the City Clerk’s window.

People are also asked to wear a mask if they have one available.

The City of Franklin playground will also reopen to the public, but social distancing measures are asked to be maintained until further notice.

Due to the lack of personnel and appropriate disinfecting supplies, the Franklin Community Center will remain closed for rentals at this time.

The City Council has further decided to revisit community center rentals at the July 2020 meeting.

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