December 5, 2020

City of Franklin swears in new councilman

(Franklin) — The Franklin City Council convened Thursday at City Hall for the regular July meeting which was pushed back a week due to the July 4th holiday. New Mayor Joel Rogers presided over his first meeting and all councilmen were present.

The first order of business was the appointment of a new councilperson to replace Rogers. Rogers stated that two citizens had expressed interest in the seat, Cliff Jiles and Kevin Hayes (both were in attendance).

Councilman Jimmy Hamil asked Mayor Rogers what his thoughts were and Rogers replied that he would like for the council to make the decision.

Councilman Johnny Adams motioned to appoint Cliff Jiles to the seat but the motion died for lack of a second. Hamil then motioned to appoint Hayes to the position.

After some time and short discussion, Councilman Almond seconded the motion. The council approved the appointment of Hayes on the affirmative votes of Hamil, Almond, and Manders. Adams voted “present” meaning neither for or against the motion. Adams stated for the record that he thought Kevin Hayes was a good person.

Franklin City Clerk Myra Braswell swears in newly appointed Councilman Kevin Hayes.

Franklin City Clerk Myra Braswell swears in newly appointed Councilman Kevin Hayes.

After approving the previous minutes, the agenda was also approved with one addition under new business, a guest speaker from Guardian Probation Services.

During department reports, city clerk Myra Braswell advised the council that LOST revenues were again down last month.

Chief Kevin Hannah gave an update on the Independence Day fireworks telling the council that everything went smoothly.

Alan Holcomb with the streets department presented the council with four bids for a new 2013 F-150 Truck. The council unanimously approved the lowest bid of $16,640 from Allan Vigil Ford. Holcomb stated an F-250 would be passed on to the police department.

City attorney David Mecklin told the council that he thought they could move the roughly half-million dollars, still allocated for a new city hall, from Regions Bank to BB&T to avoid a $200 per month charge imposed by Region’s Bank. Upon motion by Hamil and second by Almond the council unanimously approved moving the money pending approval from the bond council.

Under old business the council approved a new account at BB&T for the SPLOST IV funds.

Under new business, the council approved by a 5-0 vote a beer and wine application for Pop’s Grocery which will be located at the convenience store site at 1111 Franklin Parkway.

A member of the Board of Directors of Guardian Probation Services, John Bledsoe, addressed the council about the possibility of being the city’s new probation service. Bledsoe  stated that the new company would soon be opening their headquarters on the square in Franklin at the site of what used to be the larger side of the Village Inn restaurant.

Mecklin advised the council that the current probation contract with Providence Probation of Newnan is set to expire at the end of this calendar year. The council took no action.

During council comments, Kevin Hayes expressed his gratitude for his appointment. “I appreciate very much the opportunity you have afforded me for the next six months,” said Hayes. I will use the time wisely and do what I can to be cooperative with you all (the council) and do what is best for the city, city hall, and the police department. I just want to say thanks.”

The council then adjourned. There was no executive session and no public comments at the meeting.

After the meeting Rogers confirmed his campaign to be Mayor for the next four years. Hamil confirmed he will run for re-election to the council.


  1. heard citizen says

    Where is the community responsibility from this city council? Sending the city’s money to Carrollton to save “$200”? What about the two banks that are on the town square that pay taxes, use utilities and employ the citizens of Franklin and Heard County? And they took this advice from the city attorney…from Carrollton and where is the bank that he suggested moving the money too? there again I would not be surprised if the bank he recommended is also a client of his law firm…just a question not an accusation. Anybody got any thoughts on this?

    • Yes, I have a thought, and that is you are poor in math. $200 a month(($2400 a year, just to help you with the math) is a LOT of money, if you don’t think so, you pay that fee. And as for employing only locals, you need to have qualified people to do that, if there are any. When I worked there, I heard that same lame argument, from people that worked outside of the county. What if that same rule was applied to them, Heard County would have 90% unemployment.

      • heard citizen says

        Larry your math skills are great you figured out that it’s $2400 per year. What you can’t do is read. The point I was making is that BB&T gives nothing to Franklin or Heard County. The two local banks have invested in our city. They have buildings, employees and serve the citizens of both the city and the county. So you got part of the math right, let me help you with the rest. BB&T do they charge fees? I don’t know and the city didn’t release this information, but you can bet that BB&T provides no jobs in the city, BB&T pays no taxes, BB&T has no commitment to the city of Franklin. So do you think it is right to move the money of the citizens of Franklin to save a few hundred dollars. And what if other customers of these two banks decide to move their money to “out of town” banks. Then these banks close….resulting in lost taxes, jobs and money spent by those employees. So while you can do the simple math…you have no vision. Maybe you should go into politics.

        • Russ Massa says

          I can say their is no fee at BB & T for holding this money…

          • heard citizen says

            I was always told that you never get anything for nothing. But, that’s good to know. Since they don’t pay taxes in Heard County they shouldn’t charge us anything to hold our money.

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