November 26, 2020

Congressman Westmoreland: The Importance of Protecting Christian, Traditional Values

(Written by Congressman Lynn Westmoreland)

Lynn_Westmoreland_OfficialI believe in the word of God as it is written in the Bible: that marriage is between one man and one woman.

I am disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges, which requires states to issue and recognize same-sex marriages.

The Constitution does not define marriage and the Supreme Court’s unelected judges exercised judicial activism by deciding what the Constitution should mean, rather than what it actually says.

It should be decided by the people of the state through a democratic process; for the 10th amendment guarantees the states and people rights that are not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, many Georgians and I will continue to recognize the traditional definition of marriage because it is a core principal of my Christian faith.

As society calls upon us to be tolerant of this new right, so must those who disagree with the ruling have the freedom to oppose it based upon moral or religious values.

That includes refusing to perform same-sex marriages or being forced to do business they religiously disagree with – all without fear of retribution from the federal government.

To ensure that those who believe in the Biblical definition are not discriminated against, I co-sponsored H.R. 2802, the First Amendment Defense Act.

This bill prohibits the federal government from penalizing persons for their personal moral or religious beliefs of natural marriage in federal employment, grants, contracts, tax treatment, and other programs, and has been endorsed by major conservative groups such as the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling, many Christian churches fear they’ll lose their 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt status if they do not perform same-sex marriages.

With the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) having a history of discriminating against conservative groups, the First Amendment Defense Act provides protection to organizations that do not believe in same-sex marriage, and makes sure private businesses have the right to turn customers away because of moral objections.

Those who believe in traditional marriage would not be punished by the federal government for standing up for their beliefs.

Protecting our religious beliefs and freedoms is embedded in the foundation of our nation and constitution.

I will work to ensure that the IRS and Congress are held accountable to protecting the rights of same-sex marriage opponents, and I will continue to fight to protect traditional family values and religious rights.



  1. edmond powell says

    You have not really been accomplishing anything dood..look where this country is long u had ur job?

  2. Why not move to remove the activist Judges that have perpetrated this crime? Backing down to the New World Order and passing some sort of consolation legislation is the very reason our country is in the mess it is in. Teddy Roosevelt told the Supreme Court they would change their decision outlawing the Minimum Wage or there would be a serious Constitutional Crisis, they changed their decision overnight. .. Of course Teddy was a real man and Christian…

  3. trinité says

    Why not let the people decide what laws are passed. Oh that would leave you without a job oops.

  4. I always thought that A congressman is sworn to uphold all the laws of the U.S.A, The supreme court is the final word on Fed law . Ddn’t know you could pick and choose which laws you want to obey and think it’s ok break the others?but then …I’m not a congressman.

  5. I am stunned to read this ridiculously childish diatribe coming from a government leader. It is time for another Civics lesson accompanied by some good old common sense observations.
    The Supreme Court justices are appointed for life or unless they decide to retire. They are responsible for judicial review. You lose twenty-five points for not knowing this one.
    In Obergefell v.Hodges the justices did a thorough job to reach their decision. You lose ten more points because it appears you didn’t do your homework and read the decisions.
    You get twenty points for knowing that the Tenth Amendment of the BILL OF RIGHTS delegates states powers not reserved for the nation. This applies to things such as how we regulate our driving privileges, our state court systems, our state infrastructures, etc. Oops, you lose fifty points for confusing (maybe deliberately?) an individual’s right with a state function.
    In our great country, one of our most unique challenges has always been how to protect minority rights within a majority rule. Or, how do we make sure our citizens with differences, whether it is race, religion, sex, or anything that sets them apart, enjoy the benefits of our government just as much as everyone else.
    Was this decision the right one? Of course it was, if we are to protect rights and uphold our government process. Was it a popular decision? Not with everyone. Marriage is a civil (government) institution, not a religious one. Do we have to abide by the ruling? Yes, we must as citizens. Do we have to agree with it? No, of course not; we are guaranteed that right as well.
    You lose another twenty five points for even remotely suggesting that the government would penalize people and churches would lose their tax exempt status. In my opinion, that’s just grandstanding and scare tactics. Not to mention ridiculous.
    The First Amendment Defense Act? So you can work to protect traditional family values and religious rights? You lose a million points for this one. Just on the absurd notion that it is anything more than thinly veiled hatred. Our great country is going to keep going and evolving into a greater nation. Just because two people of the same sex get married does not mean that churches are going to lose money, that evil will prevail or that any of us will lose any of our rights.
    Now you quit playing Bible Thump and take care of business. I’m sure in your district there are senior citizens struggling to pay for their medicines, single parents trying to make ends meet, families dealing with unemployment, roads to be repaired, college graduates with no job prospects but tons of student loans, schools with needs, a national debt that needs attention, etc., etc., etc.

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