September 16, 2021

Council meets at new Franklin City Hall

Councilman Kevin Hayes, Councilman Willie Almond,  Mayor Joel Rogers, Councilman Cliff Jiles, Councilman Alane Bradfield front L-R City Attorney David Mecklin and City Clerk Myra Braswell at the first meeting in the new City Hall.

Mayor Joel Rogers presides over the first city council meeting at the new City Hall building in Franklin (Photo: Debbie O’Neal)

(Franklin/Times~Journal) — The City of Franklin mayor and council met last Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 6:30 pm in the new city hall building in Franklin.

Those in attendance were, Mayor Joel Rogers, City Council members Cliff Jiles, Kevin Hayes, Willie Almond, Alane Bradfield, City Clerk Myra Braswell and City Attorney David Mecklin.

Mayor Rogers gave the Invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes from the April 14, 2016 meeting were approved as written.

City Clerk Myra Braswell gave the financial report stating that expenditures exceeded revenue, sales taxes are down, all business licenses have been purchased, all property taxes have been paid with only a few outstanding that still have to come in. Over all the city is in good financial shape for now.

Police Chief Kevin Hannah told the council he had nothing to report at this time but would be glad to answer any questions they may have.

Mayor Rogers gave an update on the street department. He stated the trashcans are in and the new trash truck should be in on the 10th of May.

City Attorney David Mecklin gave the council on the Riverside Mobile Home Park. He stated that no real progress has been made.

The landowner is trying to sell the property, they did cut the grass and have a for sale sign on the property. The owner has been fined for not complying and will be cited again if progress has not been made.

Land taxes are up to date but taxes are behind on the mobile homes. The case will be going back to court soon. Mecklin stated the owner has stayed in contact with him during this process.

Mayor Rogers gave an update on the new City Hall. He stated it is getting close to being complete and expects to be moving in the building in about two more weeks.

Michelle Cotton, city auditor, gave the council the 2015 Audit Report. She stated in her presentation that sales tax revenues are down not only in Franklin but all cities are experiencing the same thing at this time.

She praised the city for their costs being down and below their budget. Cotton reported that the financial status of the city is still good and expenditures of the city were all less than the budget.

Councilman Jiles addressed to board on the need to make sure all contractors doing work for the city have proof of license and insurance. He suggested that it be included in with the bids. The council was in agreement and discussed that a formal policy for bids be drawn up with that information included.

City Attorney David Mecklin said he would provide some examples at the next meeting for the council members to discuss for bid packages in the future.

The council approved Carrie Rutledge unanimously on her application for a pouring license for serving of beer and wine at Rutledge Café located at 130 Mary Johnson Drive.

After the application was approved Cleveland Rutledge addressed the council with the question “What happened, you denied us for so long?”

In his address he implied that the council because of the application being denied in the past had treated him unfairly.

City Attorney David Mecklin addressed the question and told Rutledge the law had been changed and an ordinance had been put in place to promote economical development since the last time the application had been applied for.

Councilman Hayes stated that was before some of the council member’s time and also encouraged Rutledge anytime he feels something is unjust come to the council and tell them how he feels.

Councilman Willie Almond made a formal apology to Rutledge, he was one of the council members at the time the application was denied.

Rutledge thanked Mayor Rogers for all that he has done. The meeting was adjourned.

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