May 22, 2018

County Election Qualifiers

The following candidates qualified last week to run for Heard County district commissioners and Heard County school board seats:

electioncandidate3County Commissioner, District 2 (Incumbent: Jacob Cammon)

— Jacob Cammon (R)

— Keri H. Denney (R)

— John W. “Johnny” Gentry (R)

County Commissioner, District 4 (Incumbent: Frank Crook)

— Brannon Gray (R)

— Larry Hammond (R)

County Commissioner, District 5 (Incumbent: Sandi Allen)

— Sandi Allen (R)

— Joseph Ross Adams (R)

— Yvette Abrahamson (R)

Non-Partisan County School Board Member, District 1 (Incumbent: Chadwick Jerome Wood)

— Chadwick Jerome Wood

Non-Partisan County School Board Member, District 3 (Incumbent: Roger W. Harrod)

— Roger W. Harrod

Non-Partisan County School Board Member, District 5 (Incumbent: Morris Long) 

— Ashley Awbrey

*** The General Primary and Non-Partisan Election will be held Tuesday May 20, 2014***


  1. I understand this is a very republican county, but not a single democrat running? Very interesting. People on here have said that republican and democrat designations do not really matter in local elections, but obviously it does. Why else would June Jackson switch sides in the 2012 election and now Commissioner Allen? I take it Mr. Crook is not seeking re-election since his name is not listed? That is news to me. Although he did barely win last time that is still a bit of a surprise. Good luck to all the candidates! All of you deserve praise for putting your name out there. For the sake of you and all the voters out there please tell us about yourselves and what you feel you can bring to the table!

  2. Lee Boone always ran as a democrat when benefited him but changed to republican when that was the way the wind was blowing. He even joined a church during the last election. What’s that about?

  3. Well if he joined a big church in Heard county then it is all about getting the vote obviously. Surely he did not join Franklin First Baptist. That church was already taken by his opponent ha ha.

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