September 16, 2021

County employees surprise retiring co-worker


Over 60 county employees were on hand Friday afternoon at the  Heard County Courthouse to honor the retirement of one of the county’s most respected employees Mr. Willie Bradfield.

Several of Mr. Bradfield’s co-workers surprised their long-time friend with a big surprise party in the courtroom.

It was not an easy task for the employees to put together because Mr. Bradfield, a very humble gentleman, had requested that no such ceremony would take place. They took him by surprise under the guise of needing him to help move some boxes in the courtroom.

Bradfield quipped to the assembly that had he known about the plan he would not have answered his phone. “I never like to be in the spotlight,” stated Bradfield. “This little party is too much like a funeral. All you folks coming by to say well he was a pretty good fellow but now he’s going home.” All of those in attendance erupted in laughter from Mr. Bradfield’s speech.

The beloved gentleman will be greatly missed by everyone. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Willie Bradfield!


  1. Sarah Almond says

    I certainly would have attended had I known it! I love and respect Mr. Willie Bradfield very much!
    I hope he will really enjoy his retirement and shower Ms. Lena with much love and attention. 🙂

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