June 19, 2021

COVID-19 update from Chairman Boone

To the Citizens of Heard County:

I hope all of your are doing well, and are making the best out of a very difficult situation.

The numbers for our county are relatively the same, so I commend the Brave nation again for continuing to do your part in keeping this invisible enemy out of our county.

The warm, beautiful days we are experiencing make staying at home all the more difficult, and I am sure by now the words “Stir Crazy” apply to most.

I trust that most people consider their home as a sanctuary and/or the place you feel most secure.

Psalms 91:10 prayer over your home should relieve any stress or anxiety levels of contagion to not come nigh thy dwelling.

If those at home are keeping the news on all day, you are letting them control your level of fear and anxiety in the safety and security of your own home.

I have to call out the MSM whom I believe has “Gas Lighted” the fear and panic hysteria to a level it should not be, and have become more of a threat to the Health, Safety and Welfare of the people than the virus itself.

They have already been caught putting out false statistics, and showing pictures inside hospitals from other countries, claiming them to be domestic.

Regardless, we should still continue to practice safety and sanitary precautions each and every day to prevent any virus. Parents with kids and teachers in our schools know all too well what that means.

Remember, optimism is always a brighter window to look out of onto the world around us, rather than pessimism and despair.

I personally have no fear, and always have faith that tomorrow will be better than today. I encourage each of you not to forget this season is about overcoming, as we celebrate THE OVERCOMER. Trust him and give him the glory when it ends.

I am still at work every day, and I ask for your continued prayers for our county, public safety and all other employees who are working to ensure our essential services are not disrupted.

Lee Boone,

Chairman Heard County Board of Commissioners

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