January 18, 2021

Crenshaw 79th Wedding Anniversary

“Happy Anniversary Paw Paw and Maw Maw”

 Carlton and Ila Crenshaw are celebrating their 79th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 29th.  Carlton and Ila Crenshaw were married Jan. 29, 1933 in Randolph County Alabama.  Carlton is 100 years old and Ila is 95. They are long time residents of Ephesus ever since they move from Alabama in 1965.  They still live in their own house and enjoy gardening, camping, and visiting with their family. Mr Crenshaw still drives to church in Napoleon, AL every Sunday. 



  1. Chad Brown says

    That’s my great-grandparents! They are a huge inspiration toward love, trust, and family values. Love Them!

  2. They’re my great aunt and uncle. Agree, they’re great people. Enjoyable to talk to. Although I haven’t had the chance to know them more than I do, I’ve heard plenty of old stories. I don’t remember the visits as a kid, but I remember my mother talking about them all the time as I grew up. The last I saw them was in 2005 in Mobile. Then later, I was on my way to visit them in Pensacola a couple years ago, but about 5 miles away from where they were staying, my car broke down (brand new car, what luck) and had to be towed. I regret every time I think of it, that I never made it the 5 more miles to see them while they were here in Florida. If anyone knows them, how are they doing? I have no contact with any relatives in that area.

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