September 26, 2021

Cuttin Crew Customer Turns 100

(Franklin/Times~Journal) — As the rain fell on Friday May 20, 2016 it didn’t stop Mrs. Lura Walker Fincher from coming to get her hair done at the Cuttin Crew on the Franklin Parkway.

Little did she know that a surprise 100th Birthday Party was planned for her at the shop.

Upon entering the salon, the entire Cuttin Crew family sang Happy Birthday. They had cake and snacks prepared for Mrs. Fincher.

Lura Fincher was born on May 21st, 1916 in Big Springs, Alabama. She married William Fincher. She graduated school at Big Springs. She also attended West Georgia in Carrollton and The University of Georgia where she earned her teacher training for pre-school children in October of 1966.

Mrs. Fincher worked at a rug mill five years before teaching kindergarten 17 years at Hillcrest in LaGrange.

When asked what was her most memorable moment in all her 100 years she stated, “When my son Larry Fincher was born in 1951.”

Mrs. FIncher with the staff of the Cuttin Crew on her 100th Birthday (Photo: Debbie O'Neal)

Mrs. Fincher with the staff of the Cuttin Crew on her 100th Birthday (Photo: Debbie O’Neal)

Mrs. Fincher has one granddaughter and one great-grandson, Cindy and Grant Linskey.

She spoke of how blessed she was to have great caregivers in her life, Larry and Annette Fincher, whom she lives with.

A reporter from the Times Journal asked what is your secret to such a long life? She stated, “I’ve just been busy all my life.”

Mrs. Fincher has been a Christian all her life, and she has never smoked or drank alcohol.

She has been a customer of hair stylist Hope Skinner at Cuttin Crew for 31 years.

Hope stated, “ She hasn’t missed getting her hair done every Friday for the past 31 years.”


  1. Tracey Hunt says

    Russ, she’s mine 🙂 Happy Birthday! Love you Mrs. Fincher!

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