December 4, 2020

DOT removes plethora of political signage from Heard Co. right of ways

The Georgia Department of Transportation stripped an abundance of signs from the right of ways of several major highways in Heard County recently much to the chagrin of several local political candidates.

Signs from nearly every local political candidate in addition to many local businesses were retrieved by the DOT during the last few days of June. The signs were dumped off at the local DOT headquarters on Old Field Rd.

The DOT maintains a policy that signs are not allowed on the right of ways. Several candidates voiced displeasure not at the removal of the signs but at the fact that many of the expensive signs were destroyed and unable to be recycled for future use.

Several local citizens contacted stating that signs had been removed from their yards which they thought were well outside the right of way.

District DOT engineer Havard Seldon stated that signs were only removed from the right of ways. He added that signs are always removed as part of routine maintenance.

When asked about the damage to the signs, Seldon stated that signs were only required to be put on the yard at DOT headquarters and held for thirty days before being destroyed.

Several candidates who were interviewed stated they were not clear on exactly where they could or could not post signs. Seldon was unable to provide exact right of way measurements instead saying that typically signs posted behind utility poles were considered to be in compliance.

The DOT did not discriminate as signs were taken up from nearly all candidates. One candidate did state that he felt it unfair that signs were only removed from some state highways while others were left in tact.

The Georgia DOT maintains the following highways: US Hwy 27, Hwy 34, Hwy 219, and Hwy 100.

County officials stated that every effort was being made to allow signs to remain on the smaller county roads as long as they did not cause any complaints or obstructions.

The amount of signage is likely to be reduced after the primary on July 31 when several candidates will be eliminated.

DOT headquarters on Old Field Rd.


  1. Mart Hyatt says

    Living on Hwy 27 all my life, I understand the DOT’s rational. I once had my lawn sprayed with Round Up, at least half of it. It was on state property.

  2. Mart Hyatt says

    FYI.. I have some frontage on Hwy 27 Centralhatchee area that anyone can use until the end of the election.

    • Mart Hyatt says

      On the measurement. On old 27 it was 75 feet from the center line. Can’t say about the new four lane highway. 150 ft comes to mind, but not 100 % on that.

      • Mart, I always thought that hwy 27 was a federal hwy, I dont remember seeing the Ga. DOT doing anything on hwy 27.

        • Mart Hyatt says

          State Hwy 1 or US HWY 27. The DOT services it.

          • Mart Hyatt says

            The state of Georgia bought the land for the four lane expansion. I suppose that the federal government helps with funding, wc.

  3. All the politcal signs are not as big of a problem as the grass on the right of way that only gets cut sometimes only 1 time a year maybe 2 if we’re lucky however hwy 34 will always be cut 2 weeks before labor day weekend ,if they have so much FREE time on their hands at the DOT to remove campain signs maybe they could pick up the trash on the side of the roads as well and CUT THE GRASS BEFORE IT GETS 4 FEET TALL and you cant see to pull out in the road at an intersection, most canidates will go back and pick up their signs after the election for future use.

    • Het AE, the DOT has been less with more money for lots of years now, the only more they have been doing is “whining”.

    • Mart Hyatt says

      ae, I know that Hwy 34 gets cut more than Hwy 27. At least the North side of the county.

  4. Now the dot wants more money via Tsplost so that the whole blooming state will pay for the new roads around Atlanta ,if you want to keep the little bit of money that you do have now VOTE NO TSPLOST

  5. Mart Hyatt says

    If the writer or the readers think this is unprecedented, then I have no argument. I will agree that signs have always been allowed to the best of my knowledge. Usually the candidates have helpers placing the signs and they may have not known the laws of right of way, but it seems that Mr Seldon would know.

  6. Mart Hyatt says

    One thing I noticed while driving around yesterday, is that all the signs are clearly off the right of way now. I mostly see them on private property. If you go north on 27, about 2 miles south of the Carroll County line, you will find one sign that will not be stolen or damaged or removed. Nice sign, Sheriff Henry!

    • Tracie Short says

      I was told that the DOT measured from the white line instead of the center line. That’s way a lot of the signs that were well off the right of way got taken up.

  7. Mart Hyatt says

    I’m not that familiar with the T SPLOST, ae. I do agree that the $ will greatly go to the Atlanta area. Will any be given to HC? If it is a state wide sales tax, then I vote NO! The waste of precious $ to be given away to some big road construction business owners is a shame. Too much FAT in the metro area already. I have driven in Atlanta traffic all my life, but lately it has been the worst ever. If they want new lanes, they need to pay themselves through toll or passes. The HOV idea was a mess.

    • Mart we are in region 4, and all money collected in that region will stay in that region, there is a map on all this, just search tsplost and it breaks it down, appears to me there are 10 counties in region 4, if they divide the projected money Heard County would get a little over 9 million in revenue, not sure if all that money would be turned over to the crooked dot or how they intend to distribute the money.

    • C Gillham says

      The T-SPLOST money will go to the districts it was gathered in for specific projects which have already been determined. Those districts that do not approve the sales tax will not get the projects. The money has to go to the specific projects in the districts where the money was collected. So people in Heard County will not be paying for projects in Atlanta. These are the projects for Heard County. We are in region 4. Here is the link to the project list for region 4 if anyone cares to look at the surrounding projects.

      Be informed voters.

      Heard County
      Project ID
      Project Name
      Five Notch Road and Bridge Improvements from Nutt Rd to Hollingsworth Rd
      Pearce Street Hwy 27 Intersection Improvements
      Sidewalks along SR 100 from Bevis Rd to Heard High School
      SR 34 and SR 100 Intersection Improvements
      Pea Ridge Road Extension

      • Do we really want to spend $30 Million to pave a dirt road wit approximately 30 houses on it?

        • C Gillham says

          Where did you get your information? Can you send me the link? I’d like to read it.

          • Mart Hyatt says

            I looked at the link and five projects that are not really necessary in this economic challenged time. If the State was rolling in $, first fund schools, EMS, law enforcement. I can’t see the benefits of building sidewalks with out fully funding the necessities.

  8. Emmett Jackson says

    Mart If you go to the TSPLOST website you will see the sparce improvements that will be made in Heard compared to the neighboring counties .

  9. Mart Hyatt says

    Thanks for responding and clarification on the Highway Robbery TAX.
    I have something off topic but need input, as many other people that I have spoken with about my question below.

    What is the deal with the “NEW Voter Registration Precinct Card? My wife was mailed one but I received one. In fact I have never used a vote registration card of any sort. I have used my driver’s license. Will I need the registration card to vote? Any answers will be appreciated.

  10. I apologize for the previous estimate of $30 million. It’s actually $24,417,610 in 2011 dollars and there are more like 25 houses on Five Notch Road. In 2011, the the total non-directional traffic count for this road was 90 AADT (Annual AVerage Daily Traffic).

    The propaganda states in part,”This project would benefit the public by potentially reducing the incidence of crashes along this roadway segment, corridor, and /or intersection). REALLY? In 2011, the the total non-directional traffic count for this road was 90 AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic). I don’t ever remember a crash on this dirt road!

    Heard County’s total haul from this tax is $37,709,351 with 65% going to this yellow (gold?) brick road.

    By the way, I got the information here:

  11. Emmett Jackson says

    The single best road improvement that would provide growth,opportunity,and convenience would be to build a bridge at Hollingsworth Ferry. Such a bridge would put the Northern end of the county about 30 minutes away from both I 20 and I 85. This would be a big step towards bringing jobs and commerce desperately needed in our county.

    • HA HA HA! What a waste that would be! Just like if TSPLOST gets passed! A total waste!

    • Mart Hyatt says

      I have always been interested in seeing a bridge up this way. It would be nice to have access to the other side of the river without having to drive 15-20 miles out of the way. I remember Mr Hugh Goodson had a ferry there when he was county comm. We used it several times.

  12. Emmett Jackson says

    I appreciate your sense of humor.Maybe you think our ever shrinking tax base,minimal job growth, and the fact that those who work,shop,seek higher education or healthcare do so largely out of the county.The good people of surrounding counties are laughing all the way to the bank at us as we leave the county every day and fill their coffers.
    The head of a metro county planning comission found it hilarious when he personally compared Heard counties infrastructure and planning to a third world country.
    Having to get up hours early and drive hours each day to support my family and knowing that we show no desire or inclination to do something about it for the next generations is not a source of amusement.

    • Sorry I was harsh in my previous comment. At least you threw out an idea. That is more than most do. Franklin is struggling. 3 major Highways go through it. 27 is a nice 4 lane road now. We have yet to see much growth. If Franklin is not growing nothing much outside of Franklin is going to grow. I just feel building a multi million dollar bridge out that way is not going to do much to help the county. Curvy 45MPH roads most people do not want to drive on. It would be a 14 mile drive to get from 27 to 34 if the bridge was there. That is not bad. It would be better if it was a wider 55MPH road with less curves. It would knock about 8 miles off the trip bypassing Franklin. We really do not need another route bypassing Franklin. I believe if Franklin thrives surrounding communities would start to as well. That being said we really do not need more in the way of roads other than maybe putting passing lanes on 34 to help move traffic along.

  13. Mart Hyatt says

    Getting back to the original topic, political highway signs:
    Over the past few days I have driven through about 7 counties and noticed that not one sign was on the right of way. Douglas, Cobb and Paulding are notorious for these signs all over the side of the roads. Heard county was not the only county that removed signs.

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