November 29, 2020

Drug Arrest Made During HCHS Football Game

(Franklin,Ga) -During the afternoon hours on Friday, October 12th, Officer Gary Morgan of the Franklin Police Department and Deputy William Hannah of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department were assigned to foot patrol at the Heard County High School football game, against the Manchester Blue Devils.

While at the visitors side of the stadium, the officers detected an odor of burnt marijuana, but initially had trouble identifying where it was coming from due to the amount of people in the area.

The officers eventually identified a suspect, due to the strong odor coming from his person as they walked by his location.

When they confronted the suspect he immediately became nervous and they observed what appeared to be a partially smoked blunt in his hand.

Upon being informed of the odor of marijuana coming from his person and being asked what was in his hand, the suspect without warning fled from the two officers, who immediately pursued.

Photos by Rodney East

As the suspect ran around the football field during halftime of the game, Officer Jay Repetto and Deputy Roman Ramseur positioned themselves so that the pursuing officers would force the suspect to run toward their location.

This allowed the officers to stop the fleeing suspect, who threw a bag of marijuana just prior to being detained. Law enforcement officers were able to locate the bag of marijuana that was taken into evidence.

James T. Boykin of 297 Edgewood Avenue, Manchester, Georgia 31816 was charged with Possession of Marijuana on School Grounds, Possession of Marijuana, Public Intoxication and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers. Mr. Boykin also had a valid arrest warrant from Meriwether County Sheriff’s Department.

Press Release Courtesy of The Franklin Police Department 



  1. That’s a crying shame, that’s why I’m glad my child will NEVER attend any of Heard County School! Cant even enjoy a football game without drugs being everywhere.

    • I think you should rephrase that to say “that’s a crying shame, that’s why I’m glad my child will NEVER attend any of Manchester Schools! Can’t even enjoy a football game without visitors from Manchester bringing drugs. (Notice the address of the person arrested: James T. Boykin of 297 Edgewood Avenue, Manchester, Georgia 31816! not Franklin)

    • K, that guy was from Manchester. Not Heard County. And drug busts at football games don’t happen too often.

    • “your child will never attend HCHS”” it states that he was from out of town. HCHS is not at fault.

    • Jeffrey (student at HCHS says

      @ K What is wrong with HCHS, it is one of the better schools in the state. We have great teachers who work their hardest to further our education. It is also the cleanest school I have seen. We have mandatory drug tests to try and keep students from using drugs. We have a great counselor who works hard to get everybody on the course to graduation. HCHS’s graduation rate is one of the highest in the state. We are also #1 in the state on the economics EOCT.

    • But if you would read the story it was not a heard county person he was from the town that we were playing against and futhermore hchs is great school so get the facts right before you judge our school system

    • Well first of all, it wasn’t HCHS fault. It was a guy from Manchester, not anybody from heard county. If your going to post something, get your facts right. HCHS students had nothing to do with this

    • How dare you! That’s a great hometown and school for anyone to attend. Where are you from? I’d like to bash on that place for a while… That’s a bad joke, obviously, but you sincerely have no business speaking of something for which you have zero knowledge.

  2. Elizabeth Walker says

    You can’t blame the school system for what one individual is doing, it is a public event, police were there visible and on the job. This is every where not just Heard County.
    Instead of blaming try praising the police officers who were alert to their surroundings and didn’t brush it off.

    • I think what the outrage of the comment from K deals directly with what you are referring. Why even mention the school? What about the people who deflect on personal life mishaps on the schools.

  3. K….you’ve got to be kidding me… blame a school system for something that someone out of town does at a football game. Why don’t you try saying…..hey Heard High had lots of law enforcement at the game (at all games) and they were able to take care of this drug situation quickly. What about saying thank you to the law enforcement for making us to feel safe in this situation???? But no, it is a whole lot easier to condemn and criticize people, instead of saying thank you for a job well done. And if you are wanting to keep your child away from this type of behavior, you may want to stay home all the time. Let me assure you, when you go shopping, out to eat, or to a movie…..someone probably has drugs in their possession. And then you can condemn the whole world. Just some food for thought.

  4. Yeah I’m from franklin, left years ago and don’t plan on returning, and yes I read he was not from franklin, but it still happened at HCHS. As for rephrasing, it reads the same, my child won’t attend, end of story. I have nieces and nephews in HC schools and the crap that goes on is unbelievable, no need to get butt hurt about a comment! After all I am entitled to my own opinion, my husband took an oath and laced up his boots to make sure of that!

    • This is what frightens me. “After all I am entitled to my own opinion, my husband took an oath and laced up his boots to make sure of that!” It appears that your husband is either a law enforcement official, military or prisoner. I hope you do keep away if he is one of the first two. Scary to think of a person that totes a gun in an official way to be around HC. I put money he is a jailbird!

  5. Elizabeth Walker says

    Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but we need to engage our mind before we express our words, I attended Heard High, as well as my 6 brothers, and 1 sister, cousins, nieces and nephews. Yes bad things happen every day, bullies, druggies etc, as someone else posted you would need to live in a world alone to avoid any of this, drugs are found in jails, courtrooms, schools, there are users in every segment of every day life churches it don’t matter. This guy is off of the street. So don’t play the blame game.

  6. highly pissed. If you have an attitude like that towards HC THEN WE DONT WANT YOU!! Get outta here!

  7. Proud of HC says

    ya’ll leave K alone -That’s the kind of people we DON’T need in HC.

    K, honey, you think what you want and keep your kids in your perfect little world. We are happy with the schools in Heard County and appreciate the service of our officers in protecting our community and quality of life. It’s funny you “left years ago and don’t plan on returning” but you still find time to keep a check on little ole Heard County.

  8. K,

    Maybe if you raise your child right and set the right example you won’t have to worry about them using drugs. Do you really expect us to believe there are no drugs in the high school where you live now? I went to HCHS and my kids will go to HCHS, it’s a great school. Especially when compared to the schools in the surrounding area.

    • This is very true. There are several schools in surrounding counties that I would not let my kids attend their football games. Our school is relatively safe from the stuff that goes on. Unfortunately I can’t put my child in a bubble and protect him from every bad thing in the world. There are crazy things that go on everyhwere. Drugs are a problem in every corner of this country and Heard county is certainly not immune but I can let my child walk around the football game and not worry about something horrible happening to him. This is one of the best school systems in the area and I am proud my children go here. I wonder where K actually lives. Unless she homeschools her kids and never let them out of her sight then they have seen the supposed “bad” things that go on here in this county and in every corner of the US!!

  9. Heard County Schools are one of the top school systems in Georgia. This kid was not from here. He was from Manchester. But don’t sterotype a whole school system/county on the actions of one person.And please don’t be so blind as to think there aren’t good and bad kids in every school system. HC has the best kids in Georgia!!!!

  10. The people of HC are amused by your stupid comment, yet happy that you will stay away K.

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