March 22, 2019

Elderly Grantville woman dies after being beaten, set on fire

Dorothy Dow

Dorothy Dow

(Meriwether County, GA/ — An elderly woman that was attacked during a home invasion has died after spending weeks in the hospital.

According to family members, 83-year-old Dorothy Dow had been on a ventilator since the incident occurred at her home in Lone Oak just south of Grantville on August 10.

Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office officials said the suspects forced their way into her home, beat her, poured something on her and set her on fire.

“Once they entered the home, one individual entered her bedroom where she was already in bed,” said Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith.

He says one man started beating Dow with a gun, breaking several bones in her hand and forearm. She was then set on fire by another suspect. She was able to put the fire out with a nearby bottle of water and call 911.

“With one hand broken and her arm broken in four places, she pulled the top off of the gallon of water, poured it over her head and put out the fire,” said Dorothy’s daughter-in-law Beth Dow. “She then drug herself into the den on her broken arms to get to her cellphone to call 911. She said, ‘I thought they were going to kill me’. They told her that she was never going to see her sons again.”

Dow had several surgeries due to her injuries which included broken bones and severe burns.

Justin Grady of Grantville, Cortavious Heard of Grantville, Shanquavious Cameron of Hogansville, Mina Ellery of Newnan and Angel Harmon of Newnan face a range of charges, including attempted felony murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery, first-degree criminal attempted arson, first-degree burglary and battery.

Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron (Source: Meriwether Co. Sheriff's Office) Read more:

Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron (Source: Meriwether Co. Sheriff’s Office)


Ellery and Harmon (Source: Meriwether County Sheriff's Office)

Mina Ellery and Angel Harmon (Source: Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office)

Read more:


  1. http://Sheila says

    I hope each and everyone of them get the DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!! and that would not be good enough for trash like this!!!! We are wasting good oxygen on these low lifes!!!!!

  2. Obama will let them go

  3. Yeah here are 5 black lives that matter! Let’s march against this!! somebody should lynch them. If they would go to work they wouldn’t have to kill our good people and rob from them!! They think they are entitled.

  4. http://rick says

    How about a granny for a granny.I’m sure they have at least one.

    • http://Tom%20Lowe says

      The whole side of town for a granny might get the message through a little better. After all, these criminals have parents who raised them up to be that way.

    • http://Jay%20Sherman says

      37 of their grannies wouldn’t equal one human…..

  5. http://charlie says

    its timmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to get rid of people like this

  6. http://willymaer says

    These people are not humans.

  7. http://tommy says

    START on the fringes of cities and proceed taking them out by 2s and 3s. Then more, until they are gone.

  8. http://Jay%20Sherman says

    Hitler exterminated the wrong group…..

    • Hitler didn’t exterminate anybody; that was just WWII propaganda lie.

      • http://Jay%20Sherman says

        Uh, yeah, he did. The numbers may be exaggerated, and he may have only exterminated a fraction as many as the guy we were defending (Stalin)….but he did- and I personally knew someone (now deceased) who escaped capture when the Nazis were rounding them up in Hungary.

  9. Certainly a ‘Hate Crime”, but as far as I know they only charge whites with hate crimes. The SPLC should be inundated with this article.

  10. http://D3F1ANT says

    These BLM losers are probably already back in the hood planning their next violent crime. If not, they will be shortly.

  11. speedy trials. death penalty

  12. http://Michael%20McCall says

    Was this a “hate crime”, or do only whites commit them?

  13. the death penalty never stops the killing but killing people like this keeps at least these five from killing again

  14. They should just execute these worthless examples of human beings.

  15. http://Antoua says

    These subhumans without souls, wow, no words I can utter here, the world has come to this…

  16. http://Manofsteel says

    It’s because of slavery. Poor kids all caught up in the Joos Media slavery stories makes the poor babies want to use their cell phones to round up their friends, and kill some white folks. Hey, black folks, Joos, are white too and they ran the slave business even before the ‘discovery’ of ‘America’.

    • Rev. 3:9 tells us there are “those who belong to Satan’s synagogue (club).. who claim to be Jews but are not. People who inspire evil often assume identities to make us think it is coming from one source, when it really is another. Just saying’…

  17. http://Audrey says

    ditto to all of the above. – Audreyt

  18. http://Gary%20Orlic says

    This is what demon possession looks like

  19. no death or even life penalty for sure………just hope they lock up these USELESS EATERS long enough that they can’t reproduce anymore………..

  20. http://Falcon101 says

    How is it that mankind has been devolved so far that they could do this to an innocent 83 YO woman? Real tough people when they must resort to killing little old women to make some warped race statement that somehow their lives are worth more than the one they took away.
    Not only these murderers need to pay for this crime but the one person that is responsible for the financing of the BLM criminal enterprise, George Soros, This man has done more harm to America than people know and needs to be sent back to Russia where he came from!

  21. http://dou%20wright says

    Tthese things were not said when the 8o year old was shot down by white cops in Atlanta.

    • http://Jay%20Sherman says

      Uh, yeah they were. Including by me. How come when whites are shot by white cops it is never even publicized in the media? It happens a lot more often than blacks being shot, but the Zionist scum media has an agenda, and THAT doesn’t fit their agenda.

  22. http://C.%20Monroe says

    This is proof that the industrial wood chipper should be used for their execution…

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