January 17, 2018

Elect Joe Adams District 5 Commissioner


District 5 Commissioner 

fabric-flag2I am asking the voters to go to the polls on May 20th and elect me the new commissioner for District 5.

I will work for the people of southwest Heard County and not a board in Atlanta, which does nothing to help us in our district. Our district has been left out of resurfacing our roads.

I will make sure we get what we deserve in District 5. I will also have inmate’s picking up trash on our roadways, especially Victory Road where the dumpsters are.

I will work on making Brush Creek better for campers and fishermen that like to use it by opening boat ramps back up and cleaning the ramp out so it can be used.

I’ve been asked why the cell tower at Hwy. 34 and 219 has not been finished. I will tell them it needs to be finished or sold to someone who will finish it.

Our community deserves it to be complete. I appreciate your vote on May 20th.

Thank You,

Joe Adams

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